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Herringthorpe Infant School

Herringthorpe Infant School

Learning for Life

Herringthorpe Infant School





Our school is committed to enabling your child and the school community to 


Our provision, policies and carefully planned curriculum; are all based around developing your child’s:


Our curriculum design ensures that we equip your child with the skills and knowledge to…



School Aims


We aim to provide the highest quality education for the children of Herringthorpe Infant School in an environment and atmosphere where everyone is a valued member.


We aim to ensure that children are the best that they can be through high quality learning and teaching and a relevant, varied and inclusive curriculum.


All members of our school community take responsibility for their own and others' learning.  Children themselves contribute to and reflect upon their own learning, so they can be lifelong learners.


We aim to develop the school community's understanding of their rights and responsibilities and through promoting British values help them be, responsible, successful, global citizens.





The Rotherham Mission


  • All students making at least good progress
  • No underperforming cohorts
  • All teachers delivering at least good learning
  • All schools moving to at least the next level of successful performance