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Herringthorpe Infant School

Herringthorpe Infant School

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Herringthorpe Infant School

Remote Learning


We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, some adaptations may be needed in some subjects. For example, we will always consider the availability of materials and resources that are required for tasks. Due to the age of our children, we appreciate that parental support will be needed and we will carefully consider the practicality of activities and their suitability for home-learning. Staff teaching your child online may not be their class teacher but will be a familiar adult from their year group (This is more likely if key worker and vulnerable children are accessing learning in school).


When required our Remote Learning is disseminated via our use of ClassDojo and accompanied by paper packs for those who prefer them.To help parents/carers, we actively check ClassDojo and upload anything else that is needed and remain in regular contact.


We make use of live Teams lessons to encourage engagement and ensure teacher contact, assessment and communication are still able to thrive.


Please click on our school’s Remote Education Policy for further information.