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EYFS Long Term Overview


What is a progression of skills?


These skill and knowledge progressions are used when planning each term of learning. The document breaks down the learning for each subject, within each stage of EYFS into smaller steps. They give teachers a step-by-step guide for the order in which the content of a subject should be taught.


What is the purpose of progression documents?


Curriculum Leaders ensure new learning builds effectively on prior learning, and that children can develop strong conceptual understanding and knowledge in each subject discipline. Teachers use these Progression Documents to ensure that children's knowledge and skills are built upon secure foundations.


Skills are built on from the EYFS Curriculum through to the end of Year 2 to ensure learning is progressive and pupils consistently have the opportunity to revisit skills learnt in previous year groups and connect new knowledge this knowledge.


Herringthorpe Infant School's documents have been designed to outline each term's learning but it also refers to the stages of development. This is because we are mindful that children do not all learn at the same speed. This document therefore ensures that all children's needs are met regardless of the term they are accessing.


Take a look at our progression skills documents for EYFS.

Skills Progression Document 

Mathematics in Foundation 1 and 2

Personal, Social & Emotional Development in Foundation 1 & Foundation 2

Knowledge Understanding of the World F1 & F2