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Wider Curriculum Learning

Week Beginning 10.05.21



Click on the document below. These are all flowers and plants that you may have seen when you have been out walking or even in your garden. How many of them have you seen? Do you know the names of them? Can you tick off the ones which you have seen?



This week is mental health awareness week. The theme of this year's Mental Health Week is Nature. Being out in Nature and the fresh air has been proven to make us feel happier and helps us to forget about our worries. 


Can you take some time today to get out in your garden or outdoor space and: 

  • Listen to and learn to identify different bird song. Use this RSPB bird song identifier to help work out which song goes with which bird.
  • Cloud spotting; look for shapes
  • Sit quietly outside and listen for sounds - how many can you hear?


How did you feel after completing these activities? 



Have a look at some ways that you can help save our planet with these 5 conservation tips. Can you agree on one of these to follow? You could write your pledge down and share it with your family.



Many minibeasts are more active in spring and summer, but you’ll find things all year round if you look carefully. And unlike some animals which can be difficult to spot in the wild, you can find creepy crawlies anywhere. So get out into your garden and see what you can find! Below is a mini beast tick list. How many of the minibeats did you find in your outdoor space?