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Subject Overviews

Curriculum Implementation:


At Herringthorpe Infant School we expect our pupils to know more and remember more for longer. Staff understand the importance of supporting children to transfer knowledge into their long term memory. The curriculum has been designed to ensure that its components are taught in a sequential way with a logical progression; slowly building knowledge like building blocks to ensure that the pupils reach the intended learning outcomes. Opportunities for repetition of knowledge is crucial and teachers complete regular assessments to inform their next steps and to identify and act upon cumulative dysfluency.


Staff have high aspirations for all pupils and understand the importance of not putting a ceiling of expectation on individuals. Clear guidance in our ‘subject overviews’ developed by subject coordinators ensure that staff are clear about the expected outcomes each term for all pupils.

Click on the subject icons below to view each of the subject overviews, policies and examples of the subject implemented throughout school.