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Foundation 1

In the Foundation Unit we encourage all the children to be independent learners.


The  children in Foundation One are supported by Mrs Baines, Miss Leigh and Miss Glossop

Friday 5th June 2020

Today we are going to be practising our segmenting skills.  Can you draw all these things, carefully cut them out and put them in a bag?  Here goes with your list of things: hat, cat, peg, jug, bus, rat, fox, bag.

Well done! Our segmenting song is sung to the tune of Jack and Jill and the words are;

Talking bag, so what’s inside? We’ll find a toy that’s trying to hide.

Make the sound talk, say the word, Listen then we’ll copy.

Take something out the bag.  Segment the word for your family member to copy.

Repeat until your bag is empty.  Make sure that you are all saying the pure sounds.  

Wednesday 2nd June 2020

Did you enjoy making up a silly rhyme? You will be glad to know teddy and giraffe are both fine.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch some water.  Today we are going to be experimenting with water, so you might need to check with your grown up first.   

Can you find lots of different size containers?   Can you fill each one to the top? Can you empty each one? Can you fill them half way up? (ooo that reminds me I haven’t sung the grand old duke of york recently) Finally can you order your containers from the biggest to the smallest? Which one holds the most/least?

Monday 1st June 2020

Welcome back, I hope you have had a fabulous holiday and you managed to practise your name each day.  This week we are going to start by singing an old favourite, Jack and Jill. 

Jack and Jill went up the hill, and down the hill.  Up and down are positional words as they tell us where they were.  There are lots of these words. Up, down, in, under, behind, next to.  Can you put your teddy in all these places?  Now can you make up your own rhyme? Here is mine: 

Teddy and Giraffe went up the stairs to find their pyjamas.                    

Teddy fell down and landed in a box,

and Giraffe landed under him.        

Friday 22nd May 2020

I hope you have enjoyed all the learning activities that we have done together so far and I will be posting lots more fun ideas after the Spring Bank Holiday.  We have been practising our blending and segmenting skills so we can become brilliant writers when we move to Foundation 2.  It is important that we can write our names as well, so your challenge for next week is to practise your name each day.            

Wednesday 20th May 2020    

Hello again.  Today we are going to be getting musical.  We are going to be exploring the sounds we can make using sticks.  Don’t worry you can use lots of things for sticks, twigs from outside, spoons, brushes, felt tips; use your imagination.  You might be better doing this activity outside.  Can you find something to tap with your sticks? Try different things: grass, table, chair, fence, wall, drainpipe, shed, and path.  Do all these things sound the same? Can you tap a steady beat?

Here is a song to sing whilst you tap, it is sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the bus”.

I’m tapping a pattern with the sticks, with the sticks, with the sticks, I’m tapping a pattern with the sticks, while I sing.


Monday 18th May 2020

I hope you had a good weekend and you have been practising our song from Friday as we are going to be using this again in our learning today.  First look around her house and collect things that have three sounds.  You might be able to find a hat, cap, pen, pan, cup, mug, dog, cat, pin, pig.  If you can’t find many things don’t worry as you could draw them instead. Just make sure you can segment (chop up) the word.

Put all the things you have found in a bag or box.  Sing the words from last week; “Oh can you make the sounds in …” Then choose something from you bag/box to segment whilst finishing the song.  Continue Segmenting until your bag/box is empty.

Friday 15th May 2020

Today we are going to be practising our segmenting skills.  I hope you can remember the tune to this week’s song “The wheels on the bus”, as our new phonics song is sung to the same tune.  The words are: Oh can you make the sounds in man? M-a-n, m-a-n. Oh can you make the sounds in man? M-a-n.  Repeat substituting the word man with bed, pig, top. 

Wednesday 13th May 2020

I hope you are feeling creative today, as I would like you to make a bus.  What could you use? Lego, boxes or even the furniture in your home.

Have you finished making your bus? Brilliant! Now can you find 5 toys to ride on your bus?  Count them carefully by saying the number names in the right order as you put them on the bus.  How many are on the bus? What happens if one gets off the bus? How many are on the bus? How many are off the bus? How many do you altogether? Keep experimenting by letting some of your toys ride on the bus while some wait at the bus stop.  Don’t forget to keep counting your toys, you should always have 5 altogether this never changes no matter where they are.      

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello everyone.  This week we are going to sing a song that I am sure lots of you know and love already.  Can you guess from this picture what it is?

That’s right, “It’s the wheels on the bus”.  Don’t worry if you do not know the words they are on the bbc nursery rhyme website.  Remember there are lots of things the bus can do.  Also think about the different characters on the bus and what they might be doing.  You can’t be wrong so have fun making up your own words.

This is a great song for getting you moving, so I want everyone to be up on their feet doing the actions.  If you need some help thinking of some Mr Tumble has lots of ideas. 

Whatever you do, stay fit and healthy by getting plenty of exercise.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Did you think of any fun actions to this week’s song?  Today we are going to sing a phonics song that has the same tune.  The words are:

What do we have in our sound box today,

Sound box today, Sound box today?

What do we have in our sound box today?

Things that begin with d.

A dog, and a door, a dish and a drink (repeat x2)

Things that begin with d.

Repeat chorus changing the letter to n.

A nut and a nail, and a needle and net (repeat x2)

Things that being with n.

Repeat the chorus changing the letter to t then f.

Toy, and a train, a tractor, a tin.

Fish and a fox, fan and feather.

You can swap any of the items eg nut for noodle.  You can add your own verse if you can think of 4 words that begin with the same sound.  I thought of cup, car, candle, cow (I have all these in my house). Can you find the items or draw them to go in your sound box?

Put all the things on the floor next to the sound box, don’t forget to make this as well.  Ask your family member to sing the green words, listen to the sounds they say and sing the red words whilst putting the right objects in the box.  Remember to use pure sounds.

Tuesday 5th May

A quick hello from me to you.


A quick hello

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May 2020                   

I hope you are feeling fit and healthy as today we are going to get our bodies moving.  This week we are going to be thinking about the song “Here we go round the mulberry bush”, which you can find on the bbc nursery rhyme website.



  • Don’t forget to follow the instructions and dance along.
  • Can you think of anything else you could do?
  • Is it a cold and frosty morning, or a warm sunny afternoon?

Have fun experimenting with the words and don’t forget to check that your heart is working, as well as all your other muscles. 

Friday 1st May 2020                   

I bet you are all brilliant at counting now.  Remember there are lots of things to count in your house.  You could help count out the sweets, make sure no one gets more or less. 

Today we are going to be segmenting some words from this week’s song.  Can you blend these words?  M-u-m, D-a-d, d-u-ck, h-i-ll, qu-a-ck, b-a-ck.  Now it is your time.  Every time you say a sound clap your hands.  Can your family member blend the sounds back together? Did they get the right word?  Can you segment the words and hop or jump for each sound.

Can you find some things in your home to segment? (cup, pan, bag, tin, dog, cat, man etc)


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello, or should I say quack, quack as this week is all about ducks.  Have you seen any birds in your garden this week? Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

I hope you managed to make 5 ducks, as we are going to use them to practise are counting today.  First put them in a line.  Don’t forget to count them to check none have swam away.  Do you have 5? Can you take one away? How many do you have now? How do you know? Have you checked by counting? That’s right, 5 and one less is 4.  What happens if another 1 swims away? Repeat this process, until you have no ducks less.  Parents please encourage your child to explain any answers they have, and make sure they have checked by counting.  We are trying to teach that the group gets smaller each time and to introduce the idea of one less.

Oh dear, now you have no ducks left! Mummy duck will be cross unless they come back soon.  This time we are going to practise counting forwards.  Can you get one duck? Well done! What will happen if you get another duck? That’s right one and another one makes 2.  Can you get one more? How many do you have now? How do you know? Have you checked by counting?  Repeat the process of getting one more, until all 5 have returned. 

Keep practising your counting, try to think about the words, more and less.  If you get one more do the numbers get bigger or smaller? What about if you get one less? Happy counting everyone!

Monday 27th April 2020

This week we are going to be thinking about one particular animal that might live on a farm. 

Can you guess what it is?  


That’s right a duck.  Today we are going to sing a song about 5 little ducks.  You can find it on the bbc nursery rhymes website.  Can you do the actions?  You need all of your 5 fingers.  Remember that is everything on one hand.  With your other hand you will need to make a beak shape so the mummy duck can quack.  Don’t forget to put one finger to bed each time and to count your fingers carefully.  How many ways can you make 3 or 2 with the fingers on one hand?

Do you think you could draw and cut out 5 little ducks ready for our next challenge on Wednesday?   

Friday 22nd April 2020

Today we are going to practise our counting skills as we need to make sure no of the animals have run away from your farm.  Can you remember the rules for counting? 1) Put your animals in a line.  2) Touch them and say the numbers in the right order. 3) The last number you said is how many there are.  Have any of your sheep run away?  I hope not.

You should have at least 8 things on your farm, which we have been using to sing our song and to practise our segmenting.  Ask a grown up to fold a piece of paper so you have 8 shapes to cut out.  Practise your cutting skills by cutting out the shapes so you have 8 cards.  Write the numerals 1-8 on the cards, you may need a grown up to show you how to write the numerals.  Now you are ready to play our new game.

Shuffle the number cards that you have just made.  Pick a card without peeking.  Can you count that many animals?  Don’t forget to follow our rules for counting. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning all about Old McDonald’s farm this week.  Don’t forget to keep practising these skills as often as you can. 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Wednesday 21st April 2020

I hope you have enjoyed making your farm and singing Old McDonald.  You need to have all your animals on your farm today as we are going to segment the words to allow our family to find them.  Remember parents all the children need to do is say the sounds, they do not need to know how to write them down. 

This is particularly important today when some of our sounds are represented by more than one letter shape. 

Look at your farm.  Spot an animal. Segment (chop up the word). Can your family member blend the sounds together and find the right animal? The words that you should be able to blend and segment are

p-i-g, d-o-g, c-a-t, d-u-ck, m-a-n (farmer), h-e-n, g-oa-t, sh-ee-p.   

Monday 20th April 2020


I hope you all had a lovely Easter and you have not eaten too much chocolate.  Today we are going to be starting with a song.  Some of you might know it already, if not you can find two versions on the bbc nursery rhymes website. Scroll down the a-z section until you find Old Mc Donald. Sing along until you feel happy enough to go it alone, adding any animals you can think of. 

I would like you to make your own farm using any boxes you have laying around.  Be sure to include a pig, dog, cat, duck, farmer, hen, goat and sheep as we will be using them in our learning next time.

E, I,E, I, OH!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Today we are going to think about the sounds in words.  Parents please segment the word h-o-t for your child to blend.  Ask your child if they can you think of any words that rhyme with hot? How do we know if words rhyme? Parents please write down the words that your child says on small pieces of paper or card for a game we will play later.  Repeat this exercise for the word b-u-n.   Put all the words in a pot.  Ask your child to pick a word from the pot for you to segment.  If your child can blend the word they win the card, if not you get to keep it. When the pot is empty, use your rules for counting to count how many cards you have.  If you have the most you are the winner.  Good Luck!

Wednesday 1st April

I hope you have all been enjoying singing this week’s song.  Today’s challenge is to make some hot cross buns. You do not have to bake real ones unless you want to.  Can you make 10 buns, you could use paper, cardboard, play dough etc.  Practise counting the buns using our rules for counting.  Collect 10 toys or teddies and ask a grown up to give each of them a penny.  If you do not have any pennies, you could make some.  Sell each of your toys a bun.  Remember they are 1p each.  How much money do you have? Enjoy playing shops and practising your counting skills.             

Monday 30th March 2020

This week we are going to think about eating a balanced diet as part of our topic on being fit and healthy.  Can you remember what sorts of food you should eat as part of a balanced diet? Five fruits or vegetables; one meat, fish or eggs; and something made from milk every day.  Each week we can have little treats but we should not have things with too much, fat, salt or sugar.  Why not look in your kitchen cupboards and see if you can find the traffic lights on the sides of the tins and packets. Remember that green tells us something is good for us to eat.      

As Easter is approaching we will be thinking about having little treats. This week’s song is hot cross buns. There are lots of versions of this to watch on you tube but if you just want to sing along to the music I recommend searching Charles Szabo Hot Cross buns. Here are the words:

Hot Cross buns, Hot Cross buns, One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns.

If you have no daughters give them to your sons.

One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns.

Practise this song ready for your next challenge .

School days March 2020

I thought you might like to see some photographs of things we did at school this term.  

Firstly we enjoyed World Book day, I can tell by the pictures that you all love stories and I hope you are sharing lots of them with your family.


We also planted our potatoes.  I am going to plant some vegetables in my garden this weekend.  I hope you are managing to get outside in this lovely spring sunshine.  Have you noticed lots of buds growing as things come back to life following their winter sleep.  


I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures and I look forward to sharing more adventures with you.  I would love to see some drawings or photographs of the things you have been up to. Don't forget to save them for me.

Friday 27th March 2020

Today we are going to be practising our blending and segmenting skills.  Remember parents it is important that we say the sounds clearly using sure phonic sounds.  Segment (chop up) the following words and see if your child can blend (squash the words together) and follow your instructions. Ask your child to: pat your h-ea-d, bend your kn-ee-s, touch your t-oe-s, h-o-p, s-i-t,      n-o-d, stand u-p. Repeat in a different order, if you go faster can your child keep up? Can your child segment any of the actions for you to do? Don’t forget to practise the other blending and segmenting games that I have already suggested. 

Have a lovely weekend, and look out for more fun activities next week.  

Wednesday 25th March 2020

I hope you have all been practicing this week’s song as you are going to need to be experts to complete today’s fitness challenge.  Can you remember why we exercise?  That’s right, so our muscles get strong.  Can you remember where your heart is?  Your heart is a very important muscle that pumps blood all around your body.  Perform Head Shoulders’ Knees and Toes once. Put your hand on your heart, how does it feel? Perform the song 5 times. Can you feel your heart beating now? Perform the song as many times as you can in a minute. How does your heart feel now? What else has happened to your body? Do you feel hot? Are you breathing harder?  What else can you do to get your heart pumping?           

Monday 23rd March 2020

This week we are going to carry on thinking about ways to be fit and healthy. Can you remember the 5 ways to be fit and healthy? Exercise, eating a balanced diet, drinking water, getting enough sleep, and keeping clean.  Today we are going to be doing some exercise. Search BBC Nursery Rhymes. Select A-Z. Scroll until you find: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  Watch and listen to the song. Can you find all the body parts? What do these parts of your body do? Practice the song lots of times before Wednesday when your memory and fitness will be tested! Don't forget which body part is missed each time.

Please check the activities I posted on Thursday 19th March as  there is lots of important learning to keep you busy there.  



Thursday 19th March 2019

The following information is the first of our home learning episodes.   This information is the most important and includes lots of ideas that will keep you busy for many weeks to come. The activities cover most of our curriculum, and will need to be repeated time and again. I will add to these ideas regularly to help keep the learning fun and fresh. 

Things you can do with your child at home.


  • Share Stories. Stories open up new and exciting worlds for our children. Talk to your child about any new or interesting words in the story. Discuss what happened in the story? Who was in the story? Why did things happen? How did the characters feel?  Encourage your child to retell familiar stories for themselves.
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes.  Rhymes are fun and engage children easily. Children can learn new words from rhymes and songs. Experiment with these words. Identify the words that rhyme. Can you think of words that rhyme?  Lots of rhymes can be found on the internet, I use BBC nursery rhymes.
  • Sing Action Songs. Action songs develop language and help children to think about their bodies. We have been talking about the effects of exercise on our body. 
  • Sing Number Songs. This is a fun way to use numbers.
  • Encourage your child to count objects accurately.    Follow our rules for counting. 1. Put everything in a line. 2. Touch the objects and say the numbers in the right order. 3. The last number that you say is how many there are.
  • Look at numerals. Show your child a numeral. Can they recognise it? Can they count the correct number of objects?
  • Practise writing you name.
  • Play Blending games.  Collect objects that have 3 sounds eg pan, bag, peg, cup, dog, cat, pen, man, van, bus.  Place the objects on the floor. Segment the object for your child (chop it into sounds d-o-g). Can your child blend (push the sounds together) and find the correct object. Make it into a game by hiding the objects.
  • Play Segmenting games. Using the same objects from the blending game. Ask your child to segment (chop up) the word for you to find the object. Make it into a game by picking objects from a bag, a bit like pass the parcel.

Thursday 16th January 2020

Since returning to school we have been finding out about the world of work. The children have been thinking about the jobs they might like in the future and came today dressed for that role. 




Wednesday 18th December 2019

Santa flew into school today with the help of his Reindeer.  We enjoyed sitting in his sleigh before he gave us all a gift.


Thursday 14th November 2019

This week we have been sharing the Mr Men stories.  After reading the story of Mr Bump we decided that we need to keep on trying just like Mr Bump even when things are difficult.  We enjoyed finding and exploring in our school grounds just like Mr Nosey and we are going to keep applying this skill to help us choose new activities. 

Friday 18th October 2019

This week we have been learning about different celebrations. The children have enjoyed talking about the the celebrations they have shared with their families. We have learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot that is happening this week and ate our snack in the Sukkah we built outside. 



Friday 4th October 2019

This week we have been learning all about houses. The children were able to talk about the materials their own homes were made from.  In the forest we made shelters.

In shared reading we enjoyed the story of the three little pigs.  The children then worked in teams to build houses using straws,sticks, and bricks.

Friday 20th September

This week we have been thinking about harvest.  We learnt about the hard work the farmers were doing and even harvested some apples of our own.  The children were able to use knives safely to chop the apples and produce a delicious apple crumble for us all to share. 


Friday 13th September 2019

What a difference we are seeing in the children already! All the children are now coming to school with big smiley faces and are enjoying playing together. The children are responding well to our carpet sessions and we are looking forward to learning lots of new things together.  Take a look at some of the activities we have explored already. 





Friday 5th July 2019

Our topic this term has been Under the Sea.  The children have learnt the names of many creatures that live in the ocean.  They have enjoyed stories about pirates and used their new vocabulary in the role play areas.  This week we enjoyed a visit to Cleethorpes and learnt what it is like at the seaside.   


20th June 2019

This week we were able to harvest the potatoes that we planted a few weeks ago. We planted two different varieties and the children enjoyed learning how they looked and of course tasted different.  Hopefully our lettuce, peas, and turnips will be ready for us to enjoy soon.



24th May 2019

It has been a very short term but the children have made lots of progress.  Over the last two weeks we have learnt how chicks develop inside an egg and watched how quickly they change once they have hatched. 



3rd April 2019

Following our visit to the farm we used the flour to make some bread. We all worked together as a team unlike the Little Red Hen and her friends. 



27th & 28th March 2019

We had a wonderful time when we visited Whirlow Hall Farm. The children enjoyed meeting the animals especially the lambs and the piglets.  After Lunch we met the Little Red Hen and helped her plant some wheat. 





March 2019

This term we have been thinking about Traditional Tales.  We have enjoyed reading and retelling many stories including The Gingerbread Man, The Runaway Chapati, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  Soon we will be learning all about the Little Red Hen and we will even be visiting her at Whirlow Farm.    


On world book day we came to school dressed as a character from one of our favorite books. Have a look below at what we got up to.  



February 2019

We have really enjoyed all our learning about magic and mysteries this term.  The children have developed their use of recall and their use of language by engaging with a lot of stories.  They have made magic wands in the forest and created spells to help them fasten their zips and to put on their shoes.  In the role play area they have become magicians and learnt how to perform tricks to the amazement of their audience. 




January 2019

During this term we have invited parents to join us at the start of our sessions on Monday to learn some songs and rhymes. Thank you to all the parents who have attended so far it has been lovely to share our learning with so many of you.  This half term we our learning number songs so we can practice our one to one counting. Please continue to support us on Monday's and by singing the songs with us at home making sure we are counting accurately. 


Our topic for this term is magic and mysteries and the children are really enjoying using their imaginations. We started by thinking about where we would like to go on a magic carpet and the children have continued to do this independently in the role play area. 



We have been reading lots of magical stories including; The magic porridge pot, Room on the Broom, and Winnie the witch.  We have used the ideas from these stories to make potions in the mud kitchen and in the forest. 

26th October 2018

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about the world of work. Last week we learnt about a variety of jobs and went to find people working in our local area. This week we have been thinking about what job we would like when we grow up. Today the children came dressed as if they were going to work and they all looked fabulous. Thank you parents for supporting us in our learning and helping us to dress up. 






10th October 2018

This week we have been talking about all the different fruits and vegetables that are harvested at this time of year. The children enjoyed making and eating an apple crumble using apples grown in the school grounds.



5th October 2018

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the MR MEN stories and thinking about the different characters.  We are encouraging the children to keep trying like Mr Bump and when they achieve their goal they can feel proud like Mr Happy. During our forest time this week the children enjoyed exploring in the long grass like Mr Nosey. 



20th September 2018

The children have made a good start to their school life and all seem happy to be here.  They are starting to form friendships and we have been talking about how we are similar and different to our new friends.  All the children have been busy exploring the areas of learning.   



Friday 6th July 2018.  The Herringthorpe Show

We had a wonderful time at the show. So many children had worked hard with their families at home to make these wonderful exhibits. Thank you!



Friday 28th May

What an exciting week we have had in school. On Monday 14 eggs arrived which we have successfully hatched and we are loving looking after the new born chicks.


Today we had lots of fun celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 


 Summer Term 1

This term we have been learning about how things grow and where our food comes from. On our visit to Whirlow Hall Farm we found out about a variety of fruit and vegetables and how we can eat all the parts of a plant.  We helped the farmer by weeding part of the allotment and planted our own seeds to bring back to school.



Our bean and pea plants are growing very well and we look froward to tasting them when they are ready.  We have also planted some radishes and lettuces in our outside area.


We have been thinking about the fruits and vegetables that grow in Spring and enjoyed making rhubarb crumble.


 Spring Term

We have been extremely busy this term learning about the countries in the commonwealth.  We enjoyed finding out about the royal family and the Queen who is the head of the commonwealth.  The children learnt about England and the other countries in the United Kingdom before comparing them to Australia, Pakistan and Kenya.  The children discovered that the commonwealth games will be held shortly in Australia then they planned and participated in their own sports.  We found out how our bodies felt when we exercised.  Next term we will be thinking about healthy eating and have planted some potatoes in preparation.



World Book Day

We love looking at books at school.  We share stories with our friends and find out new information.  Mrs Baines reads us lots of stories and we like to retell them using the pictures.  We loved talking about our favourite books and dressing up as the characters. 




Autumn Term 2

The children came back from the half term holiday pleased to see all their friends.  We have been thinking about the world of work and have been out and about in the local community finding people doing a variety of jobs.  Today we have been thinking about the job we would like when we grow up.  Lots of children came to school wearing the uniform they might need to wear for their job and they were all able to talk about the tasks they would need to perform.  



Autumn Term 1

Our topic this term is "Where we live".  


Week 6.  This week we have been thinking about the people who might live in the houses we have seen in our local area.  We have thought a lot about the different celebrations they might have and have learnt how their are similarities and differences between them.  Some of the children were familiar with Christmas, Easter and Eid but we learnt there are many more celebrations, including Diwali which happened this week.  

During our visit to the forest we made shelters to protect us from the falling leaves and rain.



Week 5. We have continued to think about houses this week and talked about the materials used to build the houses we saw on our walk.  Some children have enjoyed making houses at the Workshop table. 



We enjoyed reading the story of "The Three Little Pigs" together.  The children used different  voices for the wolf and the pigs.  We worked in teams to build houses and tested them by blowing them down, just like the wolf.  We discovered that brick houses are the strongest. 




Week 4. Today we went for a walk to look at the houses in our local area.  We saw detached houses, semi-detached houses, bungalows and flats. Please talk to your child about the different houses you see when you are out and about. What type of house do you live in?


Week 3.  This week we have thought about harvest and where our food comes from.  After reading the story of "The Little Red Hen" we made some bread.




Week 2.  We began the term by thinking about the environment outside.  We have talked about the things that happen during Autumn and enjoyed exploring the school grounds to look at the way the trees and flowers are changing.