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Foundation 1

In the Foundation Unit we encourage all the children to be independent learners.


The  children in Foundation One are supported by Mrs Baines, Miss Leigh and Miss Glossop

Thursday 16th January 2020

Since returning to school we have been finding out about the world of work. The children have been thinking about the jobs they might like in the future and came today dressed for that role. 




Wednesday 18th December 2019

Santa flew into school today with the help of his Reindeer.  We enjoyed sitting in his sleigh before he gave us all a gift.


Thursday 14th November 2019

This week we have been sharing the Mr Men stories.  After reading the story of Mr Bump we decided that we need to keep on trying just like Mr Bump even when things are difficult.  We enjoyed finding and exploring in our school grounds just like Mr Nosey and we are going to keep applying this skill to help us choose new activities. 

Friday 18th October 2019

This week we have been learning about different celebrations. The children have enjoyed talking about the the celebrations they have shared with their families. We have learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot that is happening this week and ate our snack in the Sukkah we built outside. 



Friday 4th October 2019

This week we have been learning all about houses. The children were able to talk about the materials their own homes were made from.  In the forest we made shelters.

In shared reading we enjoyed the story of the three little pigs.  The children then worked in teams to build houses using straws,sticks, and bricks.

Friday 20th September

This week we have been thinking about harvest.  We learnt about the hard work the farmers were doing and even harvested some apples of our own.  The children were able to use knives safely to chop the apples and produce a delicious apple crumble for us all to share. 


Friday 13th September 2019

What a difference we are seeing in the children already! All the children are now coming to school with big smiley faces and are enjoying playing together. The children are responding well to our carpet sessions and we are looking forward to learning lots of new things together.  Take a look at some of the activities we have explored already. 





Friday 5th July 2019

Our topic this term has been Under the Sea.  The children have learnt the names of many creatures that live in the ocean.  They have enjoyed stories about pirates and used their new vocabulary in the role play areas.  This week we enjoyed a visit to Cleethorpes and learnt what it is like at the seaside.   


20th June 2019

This week we were able to harvest the potatoes that we planted a few weeks ago. We planted two different varieties and the children enjoyed learning how they looked and of course tasted different.  Hopefully our lettuce, peas, and turnips will be ready for us to enjoy soon.



24th May 2019

It has been a very short term but the children have made lots of progress.  Over the last two weeks we have learnt how chicks develop inside an egg and watched how quickly they change once they have hatched. 



3rd April 2019

Following our visit to the farm we used the flour to make some bread. We all worked together as a team unlike the Little Red Hen and her friends. 



27th & 28th March 2019

We had a wonderful time when we visited Whirlow Hall Farm. The children enjoyed meeting the animals especially the lambs and the piglets.  After Lunch we met the Little Red Hen and helped her plant some wheat. 





March 2019

This term we have been thinking about Traditional Tales.  We have enjoyed reading and retelling many stories including The Gingerbread Man, The Runaway Chapati, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  Soon we will be learning all about the Little Red Hen and we will even be visiting her at Whirlow Farm.    


On world book day we came to school dressed as a character from one of our favorite books. Have a look below at what we got up to.  



February 2019

We have really enjoyed all our learning about magic and mysteries this term.  The children have developed their use of recall and their use of language by engaging with a lot of stories.  They have made magic wands in the forest and created spells to help them fasten their zips and to put on their shoes.  In the role play area they have become magicians and learnt how to perform tricks to the amazement of their audience. 




January 2019

During this term we have invited parents to join us at the start of our sessions on Monday to learn some songs and rhymes. Thank you to all the parents who have attended so far it has been lovely to share our learning with so many of you.  This half term we our learning number songs so we can practice our one to one counting. Please continue to support us on Monday's and by singing the songs with us at home making sure we are counting accurately. 


Our topic for this term is magic and mysteries and the children are really enjoying using their imaginations. We started by thinking about where we would like to go on a magic carpet and the children have continued to do this independently in the role play area. 



We have been reading lots of magical stories including; The magic porridge pot, Room on the Broom, and Winnie the witch.  We have used the ideas from these stories to make potions in the mud kitchen and in the forest. 

26th October 2018

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about the world of work. Last week we learnt about a variety of jobs and went to find people working in our local area. This week we have been thinking about what job we would like when we grow up. Today the children came dressed as if they were going to work and they all looked fabulous. Thank you parents for supporting us in our learning and helping us to dress up. 






10th October 2018

This week we have been talking about all the different fruits and vegetables that are harvested at this time of year. The children enjoyed making and eating an apple crumble using apples grown in the school grounds.



5th October 2018

This week the children have enjoyed listening to the MR MEN stories and thinking about the different characters.  We are encouraging the children to keep trying like Mr Bump and when they achieve their goal they can feel proud like Mr Happy. During our forest time this week the children enjoyed exploring in the long grass like Mr Nosey. 



20th September 2018

The children have made a good start to their school life and all seem happy to be here.  They are starting to form friendships and we have been talking about how we are similar and different to our new friends.  All the children have been busy exploring the areas of learning.   



Friday 6th July 2018.  The Herringthorpe Show

We had a wonderful time at the show. So many children had worked hard with their families at home to make these wonderful exhibits. Thank you!



Friday 28th May

What an exciting week we have had in school. On Monday 14 eggs arrived which we have successfully hatched and we are loving looking after the new born chicks.


Today we had lots of fun celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 


 Summer Term 1

This term we have been learning about how things grow and where our food comes from. On our visit to Whirlow Hall Farm we found out about a variety of fruit and vegetables and how we can eat all the parts of a plant.  We helped the farmer by weeding part of the allotment and planted our own seeds to bring back to school.



Our bean and pea plants are growing very well and we look froward to tasting them when they are ready.  We have also planted some radishes and lettuces in our outside area.


We have been thinking about the fruits and vegetables that grow in Spring and enjoyed making rhubarb crumble.


 Spring Term

We have been extremely busy this term learning about the countries in the commonwealth.  We enjoyed finding out about the royal family and the Queen who is the head of the commonwealth.  The children learnt about England and the other countries in the United Kingdom before comparing them to Australia, Pakistan and Kenya.  The children discovered that the commonwealth games will be held shortly in Australia then they planned and participated in their own sports.  We found out how our bodies felt when we exercised.  Next term we will be thinking about healthy eating and have planted some potatoes in preparation.



World Book Day

We love looking at books at school.  We share stories with our friends and find out new information.  Mrs Baines reads us lots of stories and we like to retell them using the pictures.  We loved talking about our favourite books and dressing up as the characters. 




Autumn Term 2

The children came back from the half term holiday pleased to see all their friends.  We have been thinking about the world of work and have been out and about in the local community finding people doing a variety of jobs.  Today we have been thinking about the job we would like when we grow up.  Lots of children came to school wearing the uniform they might need to wear for their job and they were all able to talk about the tasks they would need to perform.  



Autumn Term 1

Our topic this term is "Where we live".  


Week 6.  This week we have been thinking about the people who might live in the houses we have seen in our local area.  We have thought a lot about the different celebrations they might have and have learnt how their are similarities and differences between them.  Some of the children were familiar with Christmas, Easter and Eid but we learnt there are many more celebrations, including Diwali which happened this week.  

During our visit to the forest we made shelters to protect us from the falling leaves and rain.



Week 5. We have continued to think about houses this week and talked about the materials used to build the houses we saw on our walk.  Some children have enjoyed making houses at the Workshop table. 



We enjoyed reading the story of "The Three Little Pigs" together.  The children used different  voices for the wolf and the pigs.  We worked in teams to build houses and tested them by blowing them down, just like the wolf.  We discovered that brick houses are the strongest. 




Week 4. Today we went for a walk to look at the houses in our local area.  We saw detached houses, semi-detached houses, bungalows and flats. Please talk to your child about the different houses you see when you are out and about. What type of house do you live in?


Week 3.  This week we have thought about harvest and where our food comes from.  After reading the story of "The Little Red Hen" we made some bread.




Week 2.  We began the term by thinking about the environment outside.  We have talked about the things that happen during Autumn and enjoyed exploring the school grounds to look at the way the trees and flowers are changing.