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Welcome to Class 4

Mr Hill

Overview for the week

Below you will find an overview of the week. We thought that you might find it helpful to see how the week will look in advance. We will continue to update this page every day with details of each task, along with the relevant links/videos.

(Some children already have a slightly different timetable in their pack, continue to follow that one if that's the case).

Please note these are only suggested timings for each session. We have based this on the amount of time we would spend on these sessions if the children were in school. Please only use this as a guide. We appreciate that many of you are trying to work from home as well as teach siblings so know that this may be difficult to achieve.



Re-read chapter one of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then have a go at answering the questions below in your jotter. I have attached the sheet as a document in case you want to print it but writing the answers in your jotter is absolutely fine.



Today in numeracy we are going to divide by 2. Watch the video lesson below and then have a go at the challenge sheet.

Divide by 2



Today we are learning that the digraph /ea/ in a word like leaf can make the sound /ee/ but in a word like bread it can make the sound /e/.


Play Snakes & Ladders (in your pack, dated 25.1.21) to practise reading words with both these pronunciations. Remember to try both pronunciations if you are not sure of the word, then decide which one sounds correct.




Today we are going to be learning about two stories from the Bible. After you have read the stories I want you to think about the questions you could ask about each story. Try and think about what the story is trying to teach us.

Spellings 25.1.21


Test yourselves on last weeks spellings and let me know how you have got on.

race, ice, city, fancy, dance, gem, giant, magic, giraffe, energy.

This weeks spellings are below. This weeks spellings are words that end with the suffix -ed. If you aren't sure try and remember the rules for adding the suffix -ed that we learnt about in SPaG last week.



So now you have planned your presentation, today is your chance to persuade Willy Wonka to want to create your sweet and give you the job of new inventor.




Take some time to read back through your plan from yesterday.

I wonder can you take your plan and use this to help you either write a letter to Willy Wonka to present your sweet or record a video?

Remember your video or letter must be persuasive and create a feeling of excitement about your product.

If you are recording a video about your sweet don’t forget to speak clearly and use good eye contact. You could add in some actions to make your video more exciting and persuasive.

If you are writing a letter think about how you present your writing, is it eye catching and interesting to read? Don’t forget your non negotiables!

Good Luck.

I’m sure Willy Wonka will enjoy reading your letters and watching your videos.




Today’s lesson is a little different! There isn’t a challenge sheet today! All the activities are on the video below. The video will help you to see the difference between sharing and grouping. You may want to use counters/small objects/coins/lego to help you.

Make equal groups activity



Please complete page 6 & 7 in your English Activity Book.




If you have a device with access to an app store can you please download the scratch Jr app and explore coding. Try different ways of getting the characters and objects to move.

Below is an introduction to Scratch Jr which will help you to start your coding journey.

Introduction to Scratch Jr for kids

SPaG 21.1.21

Can you have a go at changing the base words above so that they have the suffix -ed added on to them? Use the rule card to help you remember how to add -ed to different words.


Thank you to those who joined the live session, I know it's still taking some getting used to but you all did really well!


LIVE SESSION today (Thursday) at 9.30am! You will just need a pencil and your jotter/paper.





So far this week we have designed our sweet, given it a name and function and thought about its packaging. Today we need to plan a presentation which will persuade Willy Wonka that our sweet is the next greatest invention.

Do you know what we mean by persuade?


Can you think of any words to describe a cake which would persuade me to want to eat it?

How about scrumptious, delicious, mouth-watering?


To help us plan a punchy presentation which will wow Mr. Willy Wonka into hiring you as his new inventor we need to continue to think about using some of the powerful nouns, verbs and adjectives from earlier in the week.

What persuasive, eye catching words can you think of which will make your sweet sound amazing?

See if you can complete the table below.


Now you have completed the table practise saying your presentation out loud!



Today in numeracy you are going to continue your learning about grouping. Please watch the lesson on the video and then complete the challenge sheet.

Make equal groups - grouping

Design & Technology


In school we had started some learning about different types of mechanisms. So far we had learnt how to create a sliding mechanism and a pivot mechanism. We created moving pictures linked the story ‘The Enormous Crocodile’.



We made a slit in the background for the crocodile to slide along and used a split pin so that the crocodile’s mouth could open.


Your challenge is to create your own moving picture using a sliding mechanism.

(If you have a split pin you may be able to have a go at a pivot mechanism but please don’t worry as we know most people won’t have split pins at home!)


Your picture can be of anything you like. If you don’t have a printer at home you can draw your own background and character.

Here are a few pictures for ideas.

Optional extra numeracy...


There are lots of games/challenges here...


Hit the button...


If you would prefer a written challenge, have a go at these calculations...





How did you get on yesterday inventing your sweet? I’m sure Willy Wonka will be very impressed with your imaginative ideas so far.


Now you have designed an amazing sweet we need to think more about its function.

Why is your sweet so special?


Our first challenge is to think about words which will help to describe our sweet and its function. We could then combine the most exciting words to make a name for our sweet. Remember a good product has to have a catchy name. Let’s look at the example below.  Can you help me sort these words into the correct column and then add some extra words of your own?


Now we have a name, function and descriptive vocabulary for our sweet you are ready for the next challenge.

Can you design packaging for your sweet?

What do you think we will need to think about when designing our packaging?  

Is it eye-catching?

Does it clearly show the name of your product?

Is it practical?

What material is your packaging going to be made out of?


Can you sketch a design in your jotters? Don’t forget to label it and make it bright and colourful.



Today we are going to be learning about grouping. Watch the video below and then complete the activity sheets.

Make equal groups - grouping (recap)



We would like this project to continue for 2 geography sessions, today and next Wednesday so please don’t feel that you need to complete it all today.

Have you heard of the story James and the Giant Peach? As part of the story the main character James goes on an adventure and ends up in New York City.



Have you heard of New York City before?

Do you know which country it is in?

As part of our learning we are going to need to use our research skills and find out some facts about New York. You can do your own fact finding and/or click on the link below for more information about the country and city. You can click on each tab at the top to find out about the weather, people, landmarks and food.

New York City is a very busy city I wonder how is it similar or different to a city like London in the UK?

Can you recall some facts about London and think about what this city in the UK is like?


Did you know we can click on a live webcam and see exactly what is happening in New York and London right now?


Challenge- Can you compare the two cities? Think about how they are similar and how they are different. Use your research to compare things like famous landmarks, the weather and people. You can draw and record your ideas in your jotter.

Remember you can continue this project in Geography next week too.



Please practise your new spellings.

Literacy 19.01.21

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at Willy Wonka and find out exactly why he was the greatest chocolate inventor in the world.



Read aloud extract 1 – Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory chapter 2 pg 12/13.

First challenge can you make a list of all his inventions so far?

Now read aloud extract 2 – The inventing room chapter 19 pg 106

Challenge 2- Imagine you are applying for a job as a sweet inventor in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  You will have to be very imaginative to come up with a sweet that is interesting enough for Mr. Wonka!



Firstly, you need to decide upon the sweet you want to invent. Your sweet will need to have a special feature just like one of Willy Wonka’s amazing sweets. 

Will your sweet contain a surprise or perform a function?

For example, will your sweet make people more confident, turn bullies’ tongues black or will it be a sweet to make people listen when others are talking.

Once you have come up with your idea can you draw and label your design in your jotter. Don’t forget to write a few sentences about your sweet’s surprise or function.

Numeracy 19.01.21

Today we are going to continue our learning on division. Hopefully you will have your new packs with you now! So first of all before we start today’s learning can you make sure you have watched the video from yesterday and completed the 3 challenge sheets.

Today's lesson builds on the learning from yesterday and introduces the division symbol. Can you watch the today's new video which is also called make equal groups and complete the challenge sheets?

Phonics  19.1.21

Yesterday we started learning that the grapheme /i/ can make and /i/ sound like in bin and it can also make the /igh/ sound like in find. Today we are going to carry on with our learning about this alternative pronunciation.


If you have your pack already you will find a page with a piece of writing called 'Glint of a Fish' inside. Read the page and try and spot all the words containing the grapheme /i/. Work out if you think that the /i/ in the words is making the /i/ sound like in bin or the /igh/ sound like in find. Can you sort the different words?

If you have crayons you can colour each of the sounds a different colour. If you don't have any crayons available don't worry you can write the words in two groups in your work jotters.


If you haven't got your pack yet then just have a go at reading the sentences on the picture below. Remember to try both pronunciations if you are not sure of the word, then decide which one sounds correct.

P.E 19.1.21


Favourite Character Fitness 2 


Directions: Students have 10 seconds to choose which of the 3 options is their favourite, and then another timer appears for 30 seconds along with an exercise…



Please log on to Active Learn and read one of your books. Try and complete all the bug challenges too! If you need your username and password again contact me by email and I'll send it out.


Spelling Challenge


It is Monday so that means spelling challenge day! Ask someone to read out the spellings from last week and see if you can write them down correctly. Don't worry of you make a mistake, just keep practising!

badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge, age, huge, change, charge, village.


New spellings to learn...



Monday 18th January


This week in Literacy we are going to be using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl to help us. Today we would like you to think about the character 'Charlie'.


Can you describe what he is like?

You will be good at this as we have had a few opportunities to describe characters recently! You can either draw Charlie and describe him using key words around the outside or you can write your ideas in sentences. (Look back at the videos Mrs Cliff did for the Pelly last week if you're not sure).

We have added the first chapter here for you to read (or ask your grown up to read it for you). This chapter gives you lots of information about Charlie. If you have watched the film you may also have some other ideas.

Numeracy 18.1.21

For the next couple of weeks we are going to learn about division.

Today's challenge sheet (and the sheets for the next two weeks) are in your new pack. Due to the snow last week we are aware you won't all have collected these yet so if you are only able to watch the video lesson today that is ok! Hopefully you will all have your packs by Tuesday.

Please watch the video lesson below.

Make equal groups - sharing (recap)

 Science  18.1.21



Today’s science learning is all about lifecycles. What do we mean by a lifecycle? Think about a baby and an adult what is different about them and what is the same? Let’s think about our own lifecycle. What can you do now that you couldn’t do as a baby? What can an adult do that you can’t do yet?      

Take a look at the video below and think about these questions 

  • What is different about the dancers?
  • How do the movements change?
  • What can older dancers do that younger dancers cannot?
  • How have their bodies changed?


Challenge 2 take a look at the video below to learn more about lifecycles. I wonder can you explain how an animal changes throughout its lifecycle and complete the quiz?


Challenge 3 Using what you know about the butterfly or frog can you draw and label their lifecycle. Don’t forget to show all the different stages and make sure you have them in the right order. How are their lifecycles similar and different to our lifecycle as a human?

Phonics  18.1.21

Today we are learning that the grapheme /i/ can make and /i/ sound like in bin and it can also make the /i/ sound like in find.

If you have your pack already you will find a snakes and ladders game inside that you can play to practise saying the different pronunciations. If you haven't got your pack yet then just have a go at reading the words on the picture below. Remember to try both pronunciations if you are not sure of the word, then decide which one sounds correct.


Next week some of our learning is going to be based around the Roald Dahl story 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Feel free to watch one of the films over the weekend if you like! They do both have PG ratings though.

The children will still be able to access all the learning next week without watching the film, we will provide snippets from the book and/or audio clips so please don't worry if you can't/don't want to.



Your final literacy challenge for this week will need you to be creative! In the story ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me’ two of the characters had magical features. The Giraffe’s neck and the Pelly’s beak.

Your challenge today is to invent your own magical character! You can pick a real animal and decide how it could become magical or you can invent a brand new magical creature. We would like you to draw your character and label all of its magical features!

                          15.01.21 Numeracy 


Like yesterday’s numeracy session today’s session is going to be in two parts. Firstly we are going to look at the 5 times table and then in the second part we are going to look at the 10 times table. After the first video about the 5 times table I want you to answer the sheets called ‘The 5 times table’ and after the second video you can move on to the sheet called ‘The 10 times table’.

5 times-table

10 times-table

Espresso – News Bites


Often on a Friday we listen to the latest news. You can do this at home by logging onto espresso and then clicking the link below. Don’t forget to have a go at the quiz afterwards! I wonder of you can answer every question correctly!



Please log on to Active Learn and read one of your books. I wonder if you can complete all the bug challenges too! If you need your username and password again contact me by email and I'll send it out.

Your Choice!


Today I would like you to choose your own activity. You can choose any of the activities from the 'Home Learning Challenge' sheet in your pack or you can come up with your own activity. If the snow is still around you might want to go outside and build something amazing! Choose something that you will enjoy!

Literacy 14.1.21

In Literacy today we are going to practise taking our key words about the Pelly and writing them in sentences. Don’t forget to think about your handwriting and presentation. Try to remember to say your sentence out loud to check it makes sense and take care with your spelling.

Watch the explanation video below.

Literacy 14.1.21.mp4

Still image for this video



Today’s session is going to be in two parts. Firstly we are going to recap how we make doubles. For the second part we are going to look at multiplying numbers by 2. For the first part of the session you will need to answer the sheets called ‘Make doubles’ and after the second video you will need to answer the sheets called ‘The 2 times table’.

Make doubles

Complete these sheets now.

2 times-table

Finally complete this challenge.



Can you remember which artist we are learning about this term?

Quentin Blake


Did you know he is famous for illustrating a number of Roald Dahl books and characters?

Take some time to research some of the characters Quentin has drawn. What do you notice about his style of drawing?

Now how would you like to have a go at drawing Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake?

Watch the clip carefully and complete the character step by step.



Telling the time!

Still image for this video

We will focus on quarter past and quarter to today. Turn to page 6 and 7 in your Telling the Time Activity Book.

Time - Quarter Past & Quarter To


Trial Session Information for Microsoft Teams


I have scheduled a trial meeting for 2:30pm tomorrow morning (14th January). An invite to the meeting should be visible when you sign in to your Microsoft Teams account.

I will stay in the meeting until 3pm. This meeting is an opportunity to just check that the links work and that we can see and hear each other on our devices ready for our live story session on Friday. It is planned as a quick drop in session. Please let me know if you have any problems. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Mr Hill



Today we would like you to listen to (or read) the rest of 'The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me'. There is quite a lot to listen to so do it in small chunks if that is easier for you.

Once you have listened to the story, watch the lesson below where Mrs Cliff will demonstrate your challenge.



Still image for this video



Today’s multiplication learning is looking at arrays. Watch the video below which will explain how you can use an array to help you answer multiplication number sentences.

Using arrays

This is the sheet to complete after watching the lesson above.



Please have a go at punctuating sentences on pages 14 & 15 in your English Activity Book.



Today we are going to start some learning around being healthy.  What does it mean to you to be healthy?

Let’s think about healthy eating. What do you know about eating well and having a balanced diet?

To warm up can you please log into espresso and then enter the link below.


1st challenge let’s see if you can sort the food into healthy foods and unhealthy foods.


Have you heard of the Eatwell plate? Let’s take a closer look. 


What do you notice about the different food groups? What do you think you can eat a lot of? What do you think you can eat a little of?


Final challenge: can you design a meal using the Eatwell plate and what you know about healthy foods and unhealthy foods?

I’ll look forward to seeing your designs.



Please practise your spellings again today. Check back to Monday's post if you have forgotten this week's words. You might want to draw a 'bubble', split it into sections and write each word in different colours into each section (like we do in school sometimes). You can of course practise any way you like!


Live Learning Information.mp4

Still image for this video

We are excited to inform you that we are aiming to provide live learning opportunities to run alongside the current learning that we are providing.

Please download the information below to support you with accessing Microsoft Teams.

Please contact your class teacher if you have any difficulties and we will offer some further guidance.

Guidance for accessing Microsoft Teams



In today’s session we will be looking at how we can use pictures to help us create and solve multiplication questions. Watch the video below (join in with the activities) and then answer the questions on the sheet called ‘Multiplication sentences from pictures’.

Multiplication sentences using pictures



Today in Literacy can you continue to listen to 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and me' using the audio book on the link below.

Today can you stop when you get to 20 minutes and 30 seconds?


Challenge: The Giraffe, the Monkey and the Pelly have suddenly stopped cleaning the windows. I wonder why? Can you use your prediction skills and write down or draw a picture of what you think is going to happen next? 


I think that.........

SPaG 12.1.21

Still image for this video
Listen to the explanation about homophones and then complete pages 26 & 27 in your English Activity Book.

Time - Half past


You all did really well with o'clock last week. Today I wonder if you can practise 'half past'. Complete pages 4 & 5 in your 'Telling the Time' book.


It's PE day today!

If you can get outside in the garden to exercise today that's brilliant. Maybe you will go for a walk. We don't mind what kind of exercise you do, as long as you have fun!

Here's a video if you would rather exercise inside.

Favourite Character Fitness 1 - at home PE distance learning

Directions: Students have 10 seconds to choose which of the 3 options is their favorite, and then another timer appears for 30 seconds along with an exercise...

Good morning!

Still image for this video

Spellings w/c 11.1.21



Today we are going to be doing some more multiplication learning. Last week we looked at repeated addition, this week we are going to start looking at the X symbol and how we use it in number sentences.

It is important to watch the lesson on the video below. Have a piece of paper ready so that you can have a go at the challenges on the video. Remember to pause it to give yourself enough time. If you have your own wipe off board at home then you could use this instead (just like we would in school!)

Multiplication using the x symbol

After watching the lesson on the video please complete this sheet.

Literacy 11.1.21

Still image for this video

Today we are going to start some learning around a different Roald Dahl book. It is called The Giraffe and the Pelly and me.

If you have this book at home you can read this but if not can you please listen to the audio book here. Today can you listen up to 5 minutes and 35 seconds please?


Now that you have heard the first part of the book we would like you to use your imagination.

What do you think ‘The Grubber’ would have looked like when it was a lovely old sweet shop? Draw a picture.

There are a few clues at the beginning of the story to help you but don’t forget, there is no right or wrong answer!



For your science learning today we are going to use 'Espresso'. You will need the log in information that was sent to you via the school app on Friday. Go to this website and enter the username and password.


Once logged in go to the search bar and type in 'living, dead, never alive'.


We are going to use the first two items that appear on the list.


Please read the book first. It looks like this...


Then have a go at the sorting activity which looks like this...


You should now know how to distinguish between things that are alive, dead or have never lived. Can you think of some other things that you could add to each column?




Today we would like to recap some learning that we did just before Christmas. Can you remember the difference between a statement, a question, a command and an exclamation? These are the four different types of sentences that we use in Year 2. 


A statement - tells you something e.g. I have a red car.

A question - asks something e.g. Do you have a car?

A command - gives an order (a bossy sentence) e.g. Wash your car.

An exclamative sentence or exclamation - starts with 'What' or 'How' and ends with an exclamation mark! E.g. What a lovely car you have!


This link will take you to a video to remind you further if you are a little unsure. Scroll down to the second video with Mr Firth.


Finally have a go at completing this page in your English Activity Book.

Well done, you have worked hard today! Don't forget to send some photos of your learning. We'd love to see it!



For your final numeracy lesson of the week we would like you to watch this short video all about adding equal groups and then complete the sheet in your pack titled 'Add equal groups'.

Add equal groups

Telling the time!


We will focus on o' clock today. Turn to page 2 and 3 in your Telling the Time Activity Book.




Please log on to Active Learn and read one of your books. I wonder if you can complete all the bug challenges too! If you need your username and password again contact me by email and I'll send it out.



Your Choice!


Today I would like you to choose your own activity. You can choose any of the activities from the 'Home Learning Challenge' sheet in your pack or you can come up with your own activity. I know some of you have been having fun outside by making up your own games and some of you have enjoyed helping your grown-ups in the kitchen. Choose something that you will enjoy!


Literacy 7.1.21

Today we would like you to use your key words from yesterday to write some super sentences about The Enormous Crocodile's personality. In the picture below you will see my key words from yesterday on the right hand side in blue. I have then thought about how to make this idea into a sentence (on the left in black).

Remember to start each sentence in a different way (there are a few ideas below but I'm sure you'll remember many more). Don't forget to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop, question mark ? or exclamation mark !




Today we will be continuing our learning about multiplication. We are going to focus on making groups. Please watch this video and then complete the ‘Make Equal Groups’ page from your numeracy pack.


Make equal groups



Today we are learning about conjunctions. A conjunction is a word that we can use to extend our sentences. These are some examples of conjunctions…

and, but, so because, or, when, if, that.


Click the link to learn more about how to use conjunctions.


Then complete pages 12 and 13 in your English Activity book.

Information about the packs

Still image for this video



Today in numeracy we are starting to look at multiplication. Today’s session is about equal groups. Please watch the following video and then complete the ‘Recognising Equal Groups’ sheet from your pack.

Recognising equal groups

SPaG - Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Today's activity is recapping some old learning about nouns and adjectives. Click the links below to refresh your memory and then complete pages 2 and 3 in your English Activity Book.





English Activity Book pages 2 & 3

Literacy 6.1.21

Here's a link to the video if you have forgotten the story...

The Enormous Crocodile

Today we would like you to think about The Enormous Crocodile's personality. Is he a kind or mean character? How do you know? It is important to use evidence from the story. How many different ways can you describe his personality. You might want to use a thesaurus to find adventurous words! Record your ideas (just in key words) on a piece of paper. See the example below.



Well done to those of you that had a go at our home learning today. I really enjoyed reading your writing. The packs are all made now and ready for you to collect tomorrow (Wednesday). We will post instructions on here every morning so that you know which activities we would like you to do each day. We understand that it can be tricky learning from home but please try your very best. I can't wait to see some more photos of your learning!

Good Morning Everyone!

This week Mrs Cliff & Mr Hill will be organising all your home learning (Mrs Bryan is teaching our Key Worker children this week). We will send you our email addresses via the app so that you can send us your lovely learning to have a look at and mark for you! If you are in Mrs Bryan's class we will make sure that she sees your learning but we will mark it and give you feedback whilst she's busy teaching.

We will upload today's challenges shortly. We look forward to seeing how you get on.


We are still organising how to make sure everyone has all the equipment/resources needed. We will hopefully have finalised plans by the end of the day today and will of course let you know.

Literacy 5.1.21

Yesterday in class you read/watched The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. (There are videos on YouTube if you need to remind yourself of the story). 

Today we would like you to describe the Enormous Crocodile's appearance (what he looks like). Can you use adjectives and similes? I wonder if you can start every sentence in a different way too as this will help to make your writing interesting to read.


E.g. If you look closely you might notice that the Enormous Crocodile has hundreds of sharp, white teeth in his mouth. His eyes are large and white like golf balls.


If you haven't got any paper at the moment don't worry. We are still finalising plans for organising getting packs to you. More information will follow today.


Numeracy 5.1.21

Today we would like you to play the games on 'Hit the Button'. You can of course play any of the games but can you particularly practise x2, x5 and x10?

Can you beat your score?


Draw With Rob!

The children really enjoyed watching the artist Rob Biddulph draw different characters this week. I've put a link to his website here in case the children want to have a go at home over the weekend.

Under Bethlehem's Star so Bright

Here are the two songs that we are learning for our Christmas Nativity. You might want to have a practise at home.

Starry Night.wma

Thursday 5th November 2020


This will be your last day of home learning, we are looking forward to seeing you back in school on Friday!



Have a go at playing the games using this link. Focus mainly on + and - but of course you can have a go at any of the other games too.



Today is Bonfire Night. I wonder if you can research why many people celebrate Bonfire Night.



Play 'Small Time Superheroes' by clicking the link below. Click on the 'sentences' section.


Looking forward to seeing you all back on Friday 6th November!



Wednesday 4th November 2020



In science this term we are learning about materials and their properties. Could you investigate which of these materials float and sink? Remember to make a prediction first before testing.




Today let's focus on balancing number sentences. Watch this episode of Numberblocks (series 4, Balancing bridge)


Then see if you can balance these number sentences...

? + ? = 10

? + ? = 14

? + ? = 16

How many different ways can you solve these?


Don't forget to do some reading (either on Active Learn or one of your own books/magazines/comics.

Also, have a look at the Year 2 common exception words below. How many can you spell?


Tuesday 3rd November 2020


Here are your activities for today!



Watch the video about Christopher Columbus again. Today can you have a go at writing some sentences to explain why he is a famous explorer?

Remember to start every sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop/question mark.

I wonder if you can start your sentences in interesting ways too. Here are a few examples but I'm sure you can think of others.

Did you know that....?

It is true that...

Christopher Columbus....


Can you believe....?



Today we are going to work on addition and subtraction of single digit numbers. If you have a dice at home you could roll the dice twice and add up the total. If not, just make up your own calculations like these...

2 + 5 =

9 + 5 =

8 + 6 =

9 - 4 =

8 - 3 =

7 - 6 =

One way to solve these would be to start with the largest number and count on/back the smaller number. Try to work quite quickly but accurately too. You could make it into a challenge by asking someone to make up 10 calculations for you to solve and asking them to time how long it takes you to solve them. I wonder if you can beat your score?!



Please log on to 'Active Learn', read one of your books and remember to complete the 'bug' activities. You will need to check the letter that was sent home before half term for your login details.



Play 'Karate Cats' by following this link.


That's it for today! Check back for some new activities tomorrow!




Monday 2nd November 2020


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. Below you will find the activities that I would like you to complete today.



In Literacy this week we are starting our learning about 'explorers'. Do you know what an explorer is? Can you name any?

Today I would like you to watch this short video to learn about a man called Christopher Columbus.

Once you have watched the video, see if you can put the cards in the right order in the activity beneath the video clip.


Try your best to remember these facts as we will be continuing our learning about Christopher Columbus tomorrow!



It's Monday so we will do our weekly arithmetic challenge! Jot down these calculations on a piece of paper and have a go at solving them. Remember to use facts that you already know to help you e.g. 4 + 5 = 9 because you already know 5 + 5 = 10 so it's just one less.

Ask someone to mark them afterwards for you! Can you get 10 out of 10?

1. 10 + 5 =

2. 6 + 6 =

3. 6 + 5 =

4. 12 + 8 =

5. 9 + 10 =

6. 20 + 40 =

7. 7 + 7 =

8. 60 + 40 =

9. 7 + 3 =

10. 13 + 7 =


If you want to continue your numeracy learning why not have a couple of games of 'Hit the button'. I wonder if you can beat your score?!



Please log on to 'Active Learn', read one of your books and remember to complete the 'bug' activities. You will need to check the letter that was sent home before half term for your login details.



Today I would like you to look back at some learning from a couple of weeks ago. I would like you to recap 'verbs'.

Watch this video here for a reminder...


Then have a go at 'Activity 1' Identifying verbs.


That's it for today! Check back for some new activities tomorrow!


Spellings w/c 5/10/20

ask, friend, school, house, our, oh, people, their


Remember to practise at home. You might find 'look, cover, write, check' works for you. Maybe you could write them on the path outside using a paintbrush and water. How about writing them in sand? You could write them in felt tip and make the trickiest part a bright colour so that it stands out. I wonder if someone could make you a word search like the ones we do at school.

Try different ways to make it fun and easier for you to remember!





w/c 21.9.20

These are the new spellings for this week...

were, there, what, when, out, of, says, are.


The next spelling challenge will be next Monday, 28th Septemeber.

The children did very well with the spelling test on Monday. Thank you for your support at home.

Numeracy Game!

We have been playing 'Hit the button'. It is great for practising number bonds, doubles and our x10 tables. Click the link below to have a go!

Try the game here!


P.E - Matball skills!

w/c 14/9/20

I was glad to see that lots of children did really well again this week. Well done Class 4!


This week's spellings are...

like, so, do, some, come, little, one, into.

I am very impressed with the children in class 4 this week. Most of the children managed to get full marks on their spelling challenge! Well done Class 4! A big thank you to all the support from at home too!


Below are the new spellings. The challenge will be next Monday 14th September.

Spellings w/c 7/9/20











One or two children still need to practise one or two of the spellings from last week. I've listed them here.


Spellings w/c 31/8/20










Welcome back everyone!


We really hope your child has come home happy and excited about school today! We've all enjoyed being pirates for the day!


We have sent them home with their weekly spellings. These are to be practised at home please. They will be tested on these spellings every Monday.The spellings might be easy for your child at the moment but please bare with us as we get to know your child and their current level.

We have also sent them home with their 'Home/School Diary'. This is to stay at home and they can use it to practise their weekly spellings in (there are other activities in the front too).


At the moment we will not be asking for anything to be sent into school. All children have be provided with everything they need (water bottles, etc). We will be doing PE twice a week but we don't need the children to wear PE kits at this time, they will take off shoes and socks. If your child has earrings can these please be taken out on PE days if your child isn't able to do this independently? Thank you.


Class 4 PE days - Tuesday & Friday


I will continue to update this page with any information that you need.


Thank you 

Mr Hill

Ahoy Me Hearties

Still image for this video

Our new topic for the Autumn Term is 'Land Ahoy'.

We would love the children to dress up on the first day back in September for our 'Pirate Masterclass' day! Please don't buy an outfit especially, I've attached a picture to give ideas of how you can make an outfit using old clothes from home (there are lots more ideas online). The children can come simply in a hat, eye patch or a complete outfit, it's entirely up to them!


Hi everyone! I'm Mr Hill and I'm very excited to be welcoming you all to Class 4.


Ms Pinto and I hope you're all excited for the brilliant learning we will be doing in Year 2. We'll see you all back in class in September.

Hello from Mr Hill

Still image for this video

Hello from Ms Pinto

Still image for this video


I wanted to write one final message to say thank you all for being such a brilliant class this year. I'm sad that we didn't get a full year together but I am sure you have all done me proud with your brilliant work at home. Have a wonderful time over the summer holidays and hopefully I'll see you around school in September. Bye!



In this lesson play a fun and educational game to learn about dinosaurs and find out more about fossils and evolution.




Click the link to learn how to place items in alphabetical order using the first three letters of a word.


Have a lovely weekend!

Please don't forget to download the 'Class Dojo' app (instructions below) so that you can communicate with your Year 3 teacher from Monday smiley



All Class Dojo codes have now been sent out via the school app. 


New to ClassDojo?

1. Download the ClassDojo app

2. Open app and tap 'Parent' to create a parent account

3. Enter name, email & create a password

4. Tap ‘Add child (+)’ and use the unique code that was sent to you.


If you have any issues please contact the Junior School on 01709 828168


Thank you

Good morning!

Hopefully you will have received a letter from Mrs Pepper on the school app. Throughout today and tomorrow I will be sending each child their own personal code to be able to access the 'Class dojo' app that Y3 use. Please download the app (all instructions will be in the app message that I send you) as it will allow you to communicate directly with the Year 3 teachers.

If you haven't received the code by Friday lunchtime please call the junior school on 01709 828168 and they will be able to pass the code on to you. 

Thank you

Mrs Cliff






Do you know the story Aliens Love Underpants?

Click on the link below  and remind yourself what happens during the story.



I wonder can you now make up your own version of the story?

What else could the aliens love?



Hi Class 4! I hope you are well? I have a couple of activities for you today. Mrs Cliff is meeting up with Miss Sealey later this week so we will hopefully be able to give you a bit more information about year 3.






Ella Bella Ballerina and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ella Bella is having a ballet lesson. Her teacher has given the children some clothes to dress up in and played some music called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ for them to dance to. This music is based on William Shakespeare’s play and there are fairies and a king and queen in the play. When the ballet lesson ends, Ella Bella stays behind on her own to dance.

Watch TV presenter Alex Jones read an extract from Ella Bella Ballerina and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and listen carefully to what happens.

Think about the following:

  • What is Ella Bella doing at the beginning?

  • Who do you think Puck is?

  • What is Puck looking for?

  • Who sent Puck?

  • Where does Puck take Ella Bella?




Click the link below to learn more about the life and achievements of Mary Seacole.


Check back on Wednesday for more activities!




Today our challenge is to design or make a healthy snack. 

Think back to our learning on healthy lifestyles, 

what do you think your body needs to be healthy?          




What types of food will you use and why? 

How will you encourage people to eat your healthy snack?

What will you do to make it look appealing? 

Now I wonder if you can take your learning further. 

Check out this link:


Do you know what what the 5 different food groups are? 


How much much food from each food group is needed for you to have a well balanced healthy diet?


I hope you enjoy watching the videos and completing the extra activities.



Information about Y3 teachers


Literacy- Today our learning involves being an author.   

First let's watch a traditional tale on espresso. You choose:


Little Red Riding Hood                          




Jack and the Beanstalk   


Now I'd like you to create your own traditional tale by re-writing the story but this time can you change either the character or the setting. 


Think about how your story will flow and don't forget to use your non-negotiables and key writing skills to make your story adventurous and interesting to read.  


Take some time to read your story back:

Does it make sense? 

Have you used the correct punctuation? 

Can you add anything more to improve your story further?



Do you know the difference between a city, town and village? 


Follow this link and learn all about the different types of settlements.


Watch the short films and complete the activities, I wonder what type of settlement do you live in? 






Good Morning Class 4! Check out the new activities below.





Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles

Spike the hedgehog wakes up one morning without his prickles – he is completely bare! He tries lots of different ways to cover himself up as he is so embarrassed - a frilly paper lampshade, a plate and even a sock. In the end, the balloons save the day. Will he get his prickles back?


Click the link to listen to the story. There are some activities to follow.




This link will take you to some videos and activities to get you thinking more deeply about properties of shapes. Don't forget to have a go at the game too. Make sure you click on the 'shape' section.




Do you know who Florence Nightingale is? Click the link to watch a video to find out.


Have a great day. Check back on Wednesday for some more actvities.




Hi everyone, don't forget to scroll below to find out your new class teacher for September.

I have a couple of new activities for you too.



This link will take you to some activities to remind you of the properties of 3D shapes.



Next it's time to use your imagination. Imagine you had some magic biscuits. What could happen?  Can you carry on this story....


Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned out to be the most outrageous, disappointing fakes.

He had presumed that the magic biscuits would have been exactly the same. How wrong he had been...


These questions might help get you thinking...

What had happened when Brian fed the biscuits to his dogs?

How quickly did they grow to this size do you think?

Did Brian give the biscuits to anything/anyone else?

Have the creatures stopped growing?

How will Brian keep them as pets?

What are the benefits/problems with having such enormous pets?

Is there a way for Brian to restore his animals to their original size?


Check back on Monday for more activities. Have a lovely weekend!




Class 4 if you have got a place at Herringthorpe Junior School your new Year 3 teacher will be Miss Sealey and you will be called Y3S.


We will be in touch as soon as the Government give us some more guidance.



Hi everyone! Today not only do I have new activities for you to have a go at but the Y3 teachers have also given me a leaflet to share with you all. It will tell you more about what you will be doing when you start the Junior school in September. How exciting!

Later this week I will let you know which Y3 teacher you have too!


Click this link for the leaflet all about Y3.


Learning time...


Today you can remind yourself of the properties of 2D shapes by clicking the link below.



Max has a key to a very special box - the Night Box. When it is time for the Night to begin, Max opens the box and lets Night out and Day does back inside. Then, in the morning, Night goes back into the box and Day comes out again. This is a magical story where we see the jobs of Night and Day as adventures.

Click this link to listen to the story and complete some activities.





Did you know...?

Antarctica is a continent of land at the very bottom of our planet.

It is a desert - but it's not hot, it's really, really cold.

The winter temperature can be minus 60°C.

It's called a desert because it hardly ever rains.

Today you can learn all about Antarctica. Click the link to watch some video clips. There is also a game to play at the end!



I hope you enjoy the activities!




Happy Monday everyone!


This link will show you how to describe position and directions. Help find some football equipment, before taking on the role of players and managers to practise following and giving instructions.



Today we are going to practise spotting errors in our writing and then improving it.

Click the link to watch the video and try out the activities.




Have you ever heard of William Shakespeare? He is one of the most famous writers in the world. Click the link to learn more.


Website of the week


On this website you will discover amazing facts about all different types of creatures.

You could create a factfile about some of them or maybe have a go at making a documentary by filming yourself talk about the animals!



Check back on Wednesday for new activities!


Friday 12th June 

Take a minute to think about what is important to you and your family?  kindness, love, honesty?

Talk to your family members. Do they agree?


Can you discuss and come up with a set of family values?


I wonder can you design and make a badge to show what is important.




Also don't forget to keep up with your reading. This website has lots of great e-books for you to read at home. If you have not signed up already, will need to sign up but it is free and only takes a minute. Once signed up just click the 'Levels' tab and then select 'Book Band'. Here you will be able to choose the colour book your child was reading during guided reading sessions.



Wednesday 10th June




Hi there, I was just thinking about all the different wildlife I have seen recently in my garden, from the beautiful butterflies to the new baby blackbirds, not of course forgetting the hedgehogs.


Have you seen any wildlife in your gardens?        Today's challenge is to spot an animal in your garden.


Look closely how would you describe it? 

Research some facts. 

Can you put together a fact file about that animal for other people to read?

Don't forget to include pictures, photographs, interesting facts about the animal and their habitat.





For an extra science challenge on different animals and their habitats take a look on this link  and see if you can watch the videos and complete the activities. 

8th June 2020

Good Morning!

Today I have some Numeracy, SPaG and History activities for you to have a go at. 


Firstly, this link will take you to a video and a couple of activities/games to recap odd and even numbers.




Next can you use your problem solving skills to answer these?






SPaG - Punctuation

Here are some activities to recap how to use exclamation marks.



Today, we think of prisons as places for people who have done terrible things, but 200 years ago, people were also sent to prison for small crimes, like stealing bread. If a woman was sent to prison, her children had to go too!

No matter what the crime, everyone was treated badly in these dark and frightening places.

Elizabeth Fry believed this was wrong and helped change prisons forever.

Discover more about her life here....


Check back on Wednesday for more activities.


Hello everyone!

In numeracy today we are recapping division. There are two different ways to solve division calculations, we can 'share' or we can 'group'. The links below will remind you how to do both. 







Learn about the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, including the major sights, some traditions and the Rio carnival.




Music time... Click the link to sing, play or clap along with different songs.



Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely week off in the sunshine!


To do some activities around the 10 times table click here...


Here are some activities to help you practise the 5 times table too...


Here you can practise using different sentence types such as questions and exclamative sentences.


Finally, some history...

Click the link to learn about the life, actions and achievements of Mohandas Gandhi.


I will upload more activities on Thursday this week but don't forget you can check out Bbc Bitesize whenever you like for new activities!




Click the link to learn about Australia including the Northern Territory, the Great Barrier Reef and the wider continent of Oceania.






Have a go at the three challenges below. Click the link to the website to see the answers once you've had a go. I wonder if you can get all 3 correct?!







Have a lovely spring bank holiday! Enjoy!



Literacy 20.05.20


 Today's challenge: Can you write a review of your favourite book or film?


Tell me who the main characters are and what happens.

What is your favourite bit? Why?

What is your least favourite bit?

Why don't you recommend your book to someone else? Who do you think might enjoy it?


Check out this video for some handy tips on how to write your review.


Check out this video of Pheonix giving her book review.

Maybe you could have a go at presenting and recording your book review as an extra challenge once you have had a go at writing it.

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you have had a lovely weekend!


Click the links for some more activities...


Here you will find some activities to practise bonds to 100. E.g. 40 + 60 = 100



Perhaps you would like to practise multiplication. This link will take you to some activities.




This link will take you to a reading challenge. Listen to the video and then complete the activities.




Finally why not learn about another famous person in History. Click the link to find out about the life of Rosa Parks.







Today I have got a couple of videos to remind you how to add and subtract 2 two-digit numbers. Click the links for the videos. Then make up some of your own number sentences e.g. 34 + 23 =       65 - 24 =

If you prefer to draw your jottings underneath each number (like we do in class) that's ok! Some of you may be able to work mentally too by adding the tens up in your head and then the ones.


addition -


subtraction -





Click the link to read an extract from the book Cyril & Pat. There are some activities linked to the book afterwards.



This book is about Cyril, the only squirrel in Lake Park, who is very lonely. One day he meets Pat – Pat is big and grey, and Cyril mistakes him for another squirrel! They become great friends and the two have lots of adventures and fun together - Cyril is so pleased he's made a friend. But everyone else thinks that Cyril and Pat simply cannot be friends, and they soon reveal why: Pat is actually a rat!



I know many of you love animals! This link takes you to videos to learn all about:










Have a lovely weekend!




Literacy- Write a letter to your class teacher and tell them about what you have been doing.           




When planning your letter don't forget to think about:

  • The purpose of your letter.
  • Including conjunctions in your sentences.
  • Adding some time connectives.
  • Remember your non-negotiables.
  • Think about your presentation, handwriting and spelling.


Remember to keep re-reading your letter back to check it makes sense.


Check out this video for some handy tips on how to write a good letter. 


Think about who else you could send a letter to:


How about a new pen pal or sending a letter to the author of your favourite book? 


I'm sure someone in your family or someone you know would love to receive a letter.


Still image for this video

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! 


Click the link below for some activities to help you with addition & subtraction! Don't forget, this won't be brand new learning but it will help you to keep your numeracy skills up to scratch!




Next you could learn about the life and achievements of a famous person in history. Click the link below.








Today's challenge: read some poems or a tongue twister.
Can you rehearse and perform them to an audience?


Check out the link below and explore the website. There are funny poems, animal poems, gross poems and lots more. 


Take your learning further by having a go at writing your own poem. There is a lesson about writing poems on the website to help you. 


I will look forward to reading your poems soon.



Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend!

Below are a couple of new challenges to help keep your brains working!


Maths - Fact Families

Back in the Autumn we learnt about fact families. Click the link below to see what you can remember.





Click the link below to take you to the game 'Small Town Superheroes'. This game will let you practise sentence work, punctuation and prefixes/suffixes. (We haven't learnt about prefixes yet but I think you will pick it up quite easily!)




Website of the week


If you feel like being creative this week then you might find some fun ideas on this website.



Finally, I mentioned this last week but forgot to attach the link - sorry!

This website has lots of great e-books for you to read at home. You will need to sign up but it is free and only takes a minute. Once signed up just click the 'Levels' tab and then select 'Book Band'. Here you will be able to choose the colour book your child was reading during guided reading sessions.



New Challenges 1.5.20


Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a few more activities for you to choose from. Do as many or as few as you can manage 


I know some of you love 'Funnybones' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Click this link for a variety of activities.






All sorts of music can be made by just using your body. Click the link below to have a go yourself!





How many of these can you solve?

Challenge 1


Challenge 2

Challenge 3

This one is quite tricky but I think some of you will be able to have a really good go!



Click here to check your answers! Scroll right down to the bottom of the page.



Finally...This website has lots of great e-books for you to read at home. You will need to sign up but it is free and only takes a minute. Once signed up just click the 'Levels' tab and then select 'Book Band'. Here you will be able to choose the colour book your child was reading during guided reading sessions.


Have a great weekend. I'll be back with more challenges on Monday. 



Reading 29.4.20

Click the link below for some reading challenges.




Literacy 29.04.20



Take a look on

Does the tunnel ever end? I wonder can you draw what could be at the end of it?


Challenge 1:  Read the story starter. 


Challenge 2: Question Time- Think  about the questions on the web page, use your

                                              imagination, inference skills and creativity to answer them.


Challenge 3: Can you continue the story starter ?

                    What will happen next?

                    Think about the questions you have just answered can you use them to add     

                     extra detail to your story? 

                     How will your story end


Good Luck, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. 


Welcome back, I hope you have had a lovely weekend!



Challenge 2:


Click this link to find lessons all about money.


There's also a fun game to play too...



Challenge 3:


This link will take you to a reading challenge.



I hope you enjoy the challenges. I will upload more activities on Wednesday!



Geography 24.4.20


Let’s learn about the United Kingdom!



Can you draw the flag of the UK? Maybe you could then research and learn the countries of the UK and the capital cities.



To take your learning even further I wonder if you could design a travel guide to encourage people to visit the UK.




Home Learning 22.04.20



Think back to the story ‘Whatever Next’. Baby Bear imagined going to the moon. Can you invent a space story? Will you visit the moon or somewhere else? Who will go with you? What will you do there?


Click here


If you enjoyed that writing challenge take a look at this link. This home learning booklet will keep you busy and help you to practise the skills you need to take your reading and writing further.


Click here  


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter!


Today I have got you a numeracy challenge and a new website to explore that I think you will really like!


Numeracy 10 more and 10 less

Make your own tens and ones using straws, tooth pics, pencils (or anything else you can think of which you can make into bundles of ten).

Make your own tens and ones baseboard and practise adding and subtracting 10 from your number.

Link to video on adding 10:


The video shows how to work with 'hundreds' too. Don't worry if you're not sure about this. You only need to be able to add and subtract tens from two digit numbers at the moment.




Do you like comics? Enjoy this free digital copy of The Beano.



You are sure to find some other great things on the website too, including, quizzes, jokes and games.




Home Learning Week 2 (03.04.20)



Internet Safety

Can you talk about internet safety with an adult.

(link to web page)


Please take note of the 4-7 section and the parent/carer section for information.



Now make a safety poster to share your safety knowledge with other people.

Take a look at some examples:


Home Learning Week 2 (1.4.20)


Your challenge for today is to write a character profile about a member of your family. Start by drawing a picture of them and then write about their appearance and their personality. Try to start each sentence in a different way.


He/she has....

You might notice that...

In my opinion...

It is true that...


To take your learning further why not write a character profile for your favourite book/film/tv character.



Home Learning Week 2 (30.03.20)


Your numeracy learning for this week is to click on the link below and play some of the games. There are lots to choose from!


Don't forget to continue practising your 2, 5 & 10 times tables. Ask a grown up to write some down for you to solve as quickly as you can. E.g. 2 x 5 =, 4 x 10 =, 8 x 2 =

You could make a game of 'times tables bingo' or 'times table pairs'. 




I wonder what facts you can discover about space?




Hi again Class 4!

Are you managing to get in the garden and have fun in the sunshine? It's beautiful at the moment!

I hope you have managed to do some fab writing about your family! 


Your challenge for day 3 (27/3/20) is a creative one :-)


I wonder if you can use your creativity skills to produce a self portrait. You can do a pencil sketch, coloured pencil, pastel, paint or even a collage!

Maybe you could do it in a 'Pop Art' style like we were doing in school.



Hello again Class 4,

Have you been keeping fit with Joe Wicks? Keep it up !


Welcome to day 2 - 25.03.20

Today's challenge is Literacy and it is based around.......


Can you write a fact file all about your family (pets too!).

Tell me what they look like?

What are their favourite and least favourite things?

Remember to make it sound interesting for the reader!


Don't forget to keep visiting our website of the week (there's lots to explore on there).

Welcome to Class 4

Mr Hill


Hi Class 4!

Mr Hill here! I hope you are all happy and healthy. Check back here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a new challenge.

Here is day 1 of your home learning.



Spend 10 minutes each day practising your number bonds, doubling, halving and times tables (x2, x5, x10).

Link to a website for practising:


Website of the Week

The website of the week is espresso. On here you will find some fantastic videos and learning opportunities!


Maybe take a look at this link on seasons and seasonal changes!


Have Fun!!



White Rose Maths

White Rose are producing home learning sessions. Click the link for the first session here.

PE with Joe!

Cooking Club


Some members of our class have been using exciting recipes to whip up some beautiful food at Cooking Club after school. We have explored how important food hygiene is and we learning to follow recipes. Here are some pictures of us cooking: