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Hello again Class 2

I hope you have had a great start to the week.

Today’s learning challenge is…




Capital letters and full stops learning challenge.



In today's learning we are going to be revisiting the use of capital letters and full stops. 

We are going to use the BBC Bitesize website to help us with our learning.


There is a short video for you to watch where you can play along with the Punctuation Pals to help defeat Captain Chaos. 

Then there are three activities for you to complete too.

(As the activities are quite long you may want to spread these out over a couple of days.)



Click on the link below to take you straight to the page.



Activity 1: Punctuate with MC Ernie


When you click on the game the options below will come up…



Click on the heading punctuation.



Then complete the challenges; full stops, capital letters and question marks.   




Activity 2 and 3 - Pirates!!

You will need a pencil and some paper for these challenges. 

Remember to think carefully about your punctuation when writing your sentences.





Let’s revisit the website of the week...




Click on the below link to take you straight to the webpage.



How many comics have you read so far?

Do you have a favourite one? Why is it your favourite comic? 




Re-reading is just as important as reading something new.

Make sure that you revisit the comics and books that you have read before, as the more you practice the more fluent your reading will be.




***The uploading of learning will go back to the original days from next week onwards.***

Please check the website every MondayWednesday and Friday for new learning challenges.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heaton




Hello Class 2.

I hope you have had an amazing half term and have been enjoying all the lovely sunshine.

The first challenge of this week is...







Learning challenge: Measuring mass with non-standard units.


We are going to be using BBC Bitesize to help us with our learning today.




Click on the below link to take you straight to the lesson.


There are 2 slideshows to go through first. 

Once you have completed those, complete the 2 activities too.



Now it is time to try and make your own balancing scales...


You can make your own balancing scales with items you find around your home. The pictures and video link below will give you ideas on how and what to use.



The video below shows you how you and your grown up could make a balancing scale too.



There are many ways that you can use your balancing scales:


Try directly comparing 2 objects; 1 object in each part of the balance to determine which is the heaviest and lightest.


Put 1 object in 1 side of the balance and use a non-standard unit of measure in the other side to see how many it takes to balance the scales. 

Non-standard units could be; grapes, beads, pennies, building blocks, counters, etc.


**Note for parents**

When choosing non-standard units of measure make sure that what you choose is a uniform size, eg. building blocks all the same size (not huge ones and tiny ones combined)





The website of the week is…




Click on the below link to take you straight to the comics section on the site.



As you scroll down the page you will see the different phonic phases. 



Select your child's phase and let them start reading. 


Challenge yourself to read a different comic each day. 




Happy learning everyone.

Check back on Thursday 4th June for your next exciting learning challenges. 

Miss Heaton





Hello Class 2.

As it is half term, your next set of learning challenges will be posted the first week back, which will be on...

Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th June.

I hope you have a lovely half term. 

Miss Heaton

Hello from Miss Heaton!

Still image for this video



Welcome back Class 2.

It is Friday and time for our final learning challenge of the week.

Today it is...







Design and create a Minibeast hotel learning challenge.



Minibeast hotels




The weather has been lovely these last few days. I hope you have had lots of opportunities to spend time out and about in amongst nature.

Maybe you have been in your own garden or out on walks with your grown up in the countryside.

If you have, you may have noticed lots of minibeasts on your travels.

For today's challenge we are going to design and create a minibeast hotel for them to live in.





Think about which minibeasts you would like to attract to your hotel.

The above picture may give you some ideas.

When you have chosen your minibeasts, can you research what environments they like to live in? 



Next you need to design what the hotel is going to look like.

Is it going to have 1, 2 or maybe 3 storeys?

What kind of roof is it going to have?

What materials are you going to use?

Perhaps the above minibeast hotel can give you some ideas.




Next create your minibeast hotel.


Now it is time to make your minibeast hotel.

The below link takes you to the RSPB website, which has instructions to help you. 

There is a step-by-step guide and a useful video to watch




Website of the week.



Explore the rest of the website and pick something of your choice to listen to.

Remember to keep getting your grown ups to ask you questions. 

This will help check that you have been listening really carefully.




I hope you have an amazing weekend. 

Check back on Monday for more exciting learning challenges.

Miss Heaton





Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you have had a great start to the week.

Today's learning challenge is...





Rhyming words learning challenge.



Rhyming words are words that sound the same when spoken. 

They are not always spelt the same way, they may have a different spelling pattern.

Take a look at these rhyming words. Can you spot the words that sound the same but have a different spelling pattern?




The link below is to the BBC Bitesize webpage, this can help you explore rhyming words further.

There is a video and two activities there too.




Now it’s your turn to have a go at rhyming.

Choose an animal and create a list of words that it rhyme with it.




I picked ‘seal’. Here are the list of words that I thought of that rhymed.








Can you repeat this activity for 4 different animals? 

Maybe you could do them all!




Let’s take your learning further…


We are now going to have a go at writing poems. 




The poem we are going to write is a rhyming couplet. 

Let’s revisit what a rhyming couplet is:

Rhyming Couplet is two lines of the same length that rhyme and complete one thought. There is no limit to the length of the lines. 



Use the same pictures as before to create some rhyming couplets based around the animals.




I have had a go at writing my own rhyming couplets. I hope you like them.


There was a little seal, 

it ate fish for each meal.




There was a big brown bear,

 who sat upon a chair.





What ideas can you come up with?



**Note for grown-ups!**

You might want to spread the learning out. Spend the first day looking at rhyming words and the second day creating the poems; rather than doing it all in one session.




Let’s revisit the website of the week…




Why not check out the Biggleton's Big News series?

Where you can learn about some of the amazing jobs that grown-ups do. 



Click on the link below to get started.



Remember to get your adults to ask you lots of questions to check that you have understood the story.




I will upload the final challenges on Friday.

Take care and remember to keep up your daily exercises.

Miss Heaton




Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Today's learning challenge is...





Subtraction learning challenge.



Firstly, can you think of all the different words we use for subtraction?




Today we are going to use BBC Bitesize Website to help us further our learning.

We are going to use the lesson below from the 12th May 


If you click on the below link it will take you straight there.


There is a video to refresh your knowledge.



Then there are three activities to complete also.





Website of the week.


Today we also have a new website of the week. It is...



There are lots of opportunities to develop your listening skills here.

If you click on the below link it will take you to the main page.



The 'Do You Know?' series with Maddie has many exciting audio clips.

These are a variety of short and interesting audio clips, that focus on how things are made or how things work.  



The below audio clip is 11minutes long, I enjoyed listening and learning all about recycling.


**Note for the grown ups!**

Ask your child questions to see if they have understood and listened carefully. It might be helpful to keep pausing part way through to ask questions, rather than waiting until the end.



I hope you enjoy your learning.

Check back on Wednesday for more amazing learning challenges.

Miss Heaton

A little message from Mrs Kershaw

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Welcome back Class 2.

It's Friday and your final challenges of this week are...





Watch these video clips to learn about different materials and their properties.



The video above shows a range of objects.

Click on the link below to view it.

Can you say what materials they are made from?





In this above video clip, the children look at objects in the street and talk about what materials they are made from.

Click on the link below to access it.



What other materials can you think of?




Are you ready for your science challenge?


Can you complete a material hunt around your house?

What are the different things you find made from?




You do not need to print this off but I have added an example of how you could record what you have found.

Fold an A4 piece of paper into 5 and add the material titles at the top. 

Alternatively, you could do this activity by telling your grown up instead. Simply talk about the objects around your home and what materials they are made from.



Your final challenge is to think about why objects are made out of certain materials.



Click on the link below which will take you to this BBC Bitesize webpage.

Once there you will find this picture.

Click on the different objects in the room to find out what the different objects are made from and why.



Let's revisit the website of the week...


We have completed a lot of learning this week on reading words that you can blend. 

Why not try reading some 'tricky words' instead this time?

These are the words that you cannot blend (sound out), so you just need to play lots of games so that you can remember and recognise them.


Click on your phase and look for this picture to start a game on 'tricky words'.





I hope you have a lovely weekend.

I will post new exciting learning challenges for you on Monday.

Miss Heaton



Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you have had a great start to the week.

Today's learning challenge is...




Learning challenge common and proper nouns.


Today we are revisiting the learning that we have already done on common and proper nouns. 

Can you remember the difference between them? 

See if you can explain it to your grown up.





We are going to use the BBC Bitesize website today to help us with our learning.

The lesson is from the 29th of April and includes a video about minibeasts and some fun challenges to develop your writing skills too.





Click on the below link to take you straight to the webpage.  




Website of the week PhonicsPlay.





Our website of the week is PhonicsPlay.

There are some amazing learning opportunities and games on there.

I like playing Buried Treasure and it helps you with your blending skills. So please check it out.  



If you are unsure of which phonics phase you are, then please look at Monday's learning.

The table with all the information can be found there.



**Note to parents/carers**

Please ensure that your child is using ‘pure sounds’ when talking about letter sounds (phonemes). 

I have attached a video for you to watch so that you can check if your child is enunciating the phonemes correctly or not.

If the sounds are not pure; praise your child for their effort but please model the correct way to say the phonemes.



Please click on the below link to watch the clip.



I hope you have fun with your learning today.

I will be back on Friday with more exciting challenges.

Miss Heaton. 



Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and bank holiday. 

Today's learning challenge is...





Add and subtract by making ten. 


We are going to use the BBC Bitesize website today to help us with our learning.




Today's learning challenge builds upon last Monday's challenge of number bonds to 10.

We are going to take our learning further today by bridging through ten.

This is can be a useful strategy when doing addition and subtraction calculations.


The lesson today includes 1 video and 2 activities.

If you click on the below link it will take you straight to the webpage you need.




Website of the week.





If you click on the below link it will take you straight to the webpage.


PhonicsPlay have a free sign up for you to be able to access the games and activities.

The details are below and the sign up box is at the bottom left hand side of the screen on the webpage.





The games are organised in phonic phases to suit the needs of individual children.

Please refer back to the table below which shows the phonics class teacher of your child and their related phonics phase.


**Please select the phase that your child is on to make sure they understand the learning and games you are offering.**





Also remember to use your success criteria for blending:

* Spot the digraph

* Say the phonemes

* Blend the phonemes

*Say the word



I hope you enjoy your learning.

I will be back on Wednesday with more exciting learning challenges.

Miss Heaton




Hello Class 2.

Welcome back to Wednesday's learning challenge. Today it is...





Writing instructions learning challenge.


You are going to be making a sandwich and then writing a set of instructions to go with it. 


Ask your grown up to help you make a sandwich.

After you have made it think back to all the steps you took and practice saying these aloud.

If you have some scrap pieces of paper you could write down key words for each step.

Then put the pieces of paper / instructions in order to check you have them all and that they are in the right order.

Then it is time to write them down.



Can you remember the two things that you need to include when writing instructions?


Time connectives and imperative verbs.



Time connectives go at the start of the sentence and tell us in what order to do things.


Remember time connectives are needed to start each instruction. 

(First, Then, Next, After that, Finally)


For example: First get two slices of bread.



Imperative verbs are the bossy words that tell us what to do.


Remember imperative verbs usually come after the time connectives.

(get, put, spread, cut, add)



For example: First get two slices of bread.



***Don't forget to be really clear in your writing, as if you are talking to an alien who doesn't know how to make a sandwich.***



Also don't forget to use your non-negotiables.


Capital letter for the start of a sentence or a proper noun.

Clear spaces between words

Punctuation at the end of a sentence (. ? !)

Neat handwriting




Website of the week.





Why not have a go at making these finger bird puppets?




Click on the link below to take you straight to the page.



 I will be back on Monday as it is VE Day on Friday.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heaton 




Hello Class 2.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready for the new week. Today's learning challenge is...



Number bonds learning challenge.


Number bonds are a pair of numbers that add up to make another specific number.

They are also known as number pairs. 


It is important that we keep practising our number bonds, as we need to be secure and confident in remembering the different number bonds to 10. 





The above lesson on BBC Bitesize lesson will help us learn our number bonds.


This lesson includes two videos and three activities.

If you click on the below link it will take you straight to the lesson.




Website of the week.





Take a look at our website of the week. 

There are lots of fun craft ideas on the website.


Click on the link below and start exploring.


I know I will be trying the sock puppet idea below.




Letter writing challenge.





As we have been in our homes for a long time, we will obviously be missing our family and friends.


So over the next couple of days I want you to write a letter to someone that is special to you e.g. your grandparents, your cousins or maybe a friend of yours.


You could ask them how they are doing and tell them about what you have been getting up to at home. You might even want to tell them how much you are missing them too.


Don’t forget to start your letter with the greeting:



If it is possible - why not post your letter as a nice surprise?



I hope you have a lovely Monday. 

Remember to check back on Wednesday for more fun learning challenges.

Miss Heaton



Hello Class 2.

It's Friday and that means that the weekend is almost here.

So today is the last learning challenge of the week. It is...






 The body percussion learning challenge.



The BBC Bitesize website will help us with our learning today. 




Click on the link below and it will take you straight to the above music lesson on body percussion.




Watch the Thunder Jam video above and count how many different sounds you can hear being made. 


Then follow activity 1 (which links you to a twinkle worksheet). It will guide you through making your own sounds by just using different parts of your body. 


See how many different sounds you can make and how many instruments you can sound like.




Then watch the above video for activity 2.


You can join in with the video and learn all about rhythm and pulse by copying the instructions.


Perhaps you could play a game with your grown up too. Or maybe you can get a family band together, what would your band's name be?   




Reading learning challenge and website of the week.


Remember to keep up your daily reading too.


The Oxford Owl website has access a range of reading books.



Click on the link below to access these.


For detailed instructions on how to use this website see Monday's post on our class page.




Keeping fit and healthy.



It is important to stay healthy and exercise regularly.


Check out some video ideas for exercising in the home. Enjoy.




Change4life 10 minute shake ups.


I hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend.

I will be back on Monday with more exciting learning challenges.

Miss Heaton 


Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you have been enjoying lots of reading over the past few days.

Today's learning challenge is...



This challenge is about developing your creative thinking and your literacy skills.



We are going to use the picture below to generate creative ideas for our writing.




Further below is a story plan that we always use in class to plan our stories.


It helps us to remember key information to include in our story, such as the characters, the settings, the problems and solutions that will occur.


Can you explain how this works to your grown up?   




You don't need to print off the plan, it is just on here to help you organise your thoughts.


Once you have got all your ideas, you need to practise performing your story out loud.


Practice saying your story out loud until you no longer need to look at the story plan to help you remember it all.


Then once you are confident that you remember it, ask your grown up to watch you perform your story. (You could include some actions to make your story even more exciting for them too.)





Once you are confident with your story, you are then ready to write it down.


Remember to think about your non-negotiables for writing:


Capital letter for the start of a sentence or a proper noun.

Clear spaces between words.

Punctuation at the end of a sentence. (. ? !)

Neat handwriting.


You will also need to think about time connectives when writing your sentences. 

Here are a few examples…



A moment later…

All of a sudden…


Later that day…


It may take a long time to think of ideas for your story, to practice saying it out loud to yourself, to perform it to your grown up and then to write it all down.


So you might want to plan and perform the story on one day and then save writing the story for the day after. It’s up to you.



Our website of the week will also help you complete your daily reading challenge.





Keep visiting the Oxford Owl website to access a range of reading books. All the instructions and reading level information are on Monday's post further down our class page.



Good luck with your story and reading challenges. 

I will be back on Friday with another exciting learning challenge.

Miss Heaton.



Welcome back Class 2.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and are ready for this week's challenges. Today's challenge is...





We are going to be looking at how to represent two digit numbers up to 50 and to understand the value of numbers.


Last week we started using the BBC Bitesize website.

There is a lesson on the website that we are going to use for today's learning too.




The below link will take you straight to the lesson that we are going to use.


There are two videos which will help us with our learning.

You need to watch both Part a and Part b.





Then complete Activity 1 and Activity 2 which are on the website.


Each day this week I would like you to try and spend some time forming and representing numbers up to 50.

The below are two different ways that you could do this. 







The next learning challenge is...




Reading is so important. I want you to try and read as much as you can whilst at home.

This could be you reading a book to your adult, or your adult reading a book to you.


I know it is tricky with you not being able to share your guided reading books but this website has a wide range of e-books to keep your reading going.





Click on the link below:


To find an appropriate level of book for your child; click on the icon that says levels:


You will then see a drop down box with a choice of phases 1-5 as shown below.




The phase of book your child needs is linked to the phonics group that they are in. 

Please get your child to say which teacher they have for their phonic's lessons.


The grid below will help you find an appropriate text level for your child.











Starting today there is an amazing new Youtube channel that has daily phonics sessions.

Click on the below link and it will take you straight to these. Once there you can subscribe to the page.



I hope you enjoy today's learning.

I will be back on Wednesday with more amazing challenges for you to complete.

Miss Heaton





Hello Class 2.

I hope you have had a good week. Today is Friday and it is almost the weekend. But before the weekend starts I have another exciting learning challenge for you. It is...






Let’s learn about the United Kingdom (UK).


You are going to be researching the four countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK).

You will also be learning about each country's capital city too.




Click on the below link


(This will take you straight to the 21st April - Geographic lesson - Introduction to the UK on the BBC Bitesize website.)


The first video shows you Uncle Bob's trip around the UK and gives you information on each country's capital city and its famous landmarks.



Once you have watched the video you can have a go at completing Activity 1, which is name the country on this map of the UK.


You need to label each country by dragging and dropping their names into the empty boxes on the map.




Once you have finished this you could also watch the two Go Jetters Funky Facts animated videos.

***Warning!!! The music is so catchy that I had to dance along to it.***

Then write down all the funky facts that you can remember.




Can you draw the flag of the UK?

Think carefully about which colours to use and where they go on the flag.




Don't forget to check out our website of the week.




Click on the below link and have a go at making a twig wind chime.




I hope you have a lovely weekend.

I will be back on Monday with more amazing learning challenges.

Miss Heaton 


Hello Class 2.

I hope you have had a great start to the week and that you enjoyed Monday's learning challenge. I have another exciting one for you today. It is...

Write a description of your garden or a room in your house.


What can you hear?

What can you smell?

What can you see?



Here are some examples of sentences that you could write...


The birds in the trees are chirping loudly.

My lunch is ready and it smells delicious.

I can see a line of ants marching up the path.




Remember to check out the website of the week.




There are a few activities on the below link that you could complete in your garden or by using nature outdoors as inspiration.


Please take note of government guidance if you are using the outdoors beyond your garden, as we want to make sure that you all remain safe!


I especially like this leaf rubbing activity below and the results are amazing, I think you will agree...





Also... check out the BBC bitesize daily lessons.





These started on Monday and there are multiple lessons each day for all different age groups.

Click on the link below which will take you directly into your age group, then select the day and the subject of the lesson you want to watch.


Each lesson then has activities for you to complete too and they look amazing.


Happy exploring Class 2.

I'll be back on Friday with more learning challenges for you.

From Miss Heaton



Hello and welcome back Class 2.

I hope that you have had a lovely Easter break and that you have been enjoying the sunshine. We have some exciting learning challenges today, so let's get started...



Finding one more or one less than a number.


1.) Get some raisins, grapes, cereal pieces etc. Place some on a plate. If the grown up with you says ‘one more’, add one more and say what number you have now. If they say ‘one less’, eat one and count how many you have left.

2.) Ask a grown up to give you some toys. Count how many you have. Can you put out another group of toys so you have one more and then one less?

3.) Build a tower with bricks. Can you build another tower with one more brick? Can you build another with one less brick? Once you are confident practically then move onto working with numerals. 

4.) Try picking any number up to 50. 

See if you can work out what 1 more or 1 less than that number is.



If you have achieved these then try working out 10 more and 10 less than a given number.

Remember try some examples with practical equipment first.



Use the 100 square to help you if you get stuck!




The website recommended for this week is…



There are some fantastic leaning opportunities on here, so please take a look.


In the Autumn term you completed a tree study at school and made a diary of the changes

you observed each week.

I wonder how the tree might have changed now? 

Click on the link below to investigate how trees change throughout a year.



What did you find out?

If you have plants or trees in your garden or you can see them on your street, 

take time to keep observing them to see if they begin to change.

Maybe keep a diary by drawing a picture and writing a sentence to describe 

what you can see.


For example:

Monday - 20/04/2020 - The trees stood taller than the rooftops. 


Tuesday - 21/04/2020 - The gentle breeze swayed the trees back and forth.



Good luck with your learning challenges. 

Remember to keep doing your daily exercises. I will be back on Wednesday with more exciting challenges. 


Miss Heaton



Hi class 2, it's Miss Heaton back again for your final challenge of the week!

Lot's of us are relying on the internet at the moment and it is a great way to communicate with each other! Using the internet can be fun but it is also really important to be safe. Today I would like you to investigate internet safety using the following website. Click on the link and go to the 4-7 age section. It is important that your adult reads the parent/ carer section too.

When you have finished, choose one of the e safety rules and make an e safety poster for your family! 


Website of the week!


Don't forget to keep exploring our website of the week - National Geographic Kids. 


Why not visit the section about animals - can you remember the learning we did about animals in science? What are the different types of animals? Choose one of the animals and read the facts with a grown up. Can you find out any more facts about that animal? Can you make a picture of the animal and add facts about it around the edge? My favourite facts were about Tigers!


I hope you enjoy learning about some different animals! Have a lovely Easter break and I will be back with some more learning challenges for you on the 20th of April. 










Hello Class 2 it's Miss Heaton again.


I hope you are all well and keeping fit by joining in with the morning Joe Wicks workout sessions.

I have been joining in with these too.



I also hope that you have been enjoying your learning challenges as well.

I am excited to see all the wonderful learning that you have done so far.


So here is your next learning challenge…




Choose one person from your family.

Then write a description of what they look like.


Remember to punctuate your sentences carefully and choose some interesting describing words to explain what the person in your family looks like.


Try to make sure that you start each sentence in a different way.


My sister has got sparkly eyes like jewels.

She has got long, silky hair.




Let’s revisit the website of the week…




Use the link below to find out about an astronaut called Peggy Whitson.


What interesting facts can you find out about Peggy Whitson?

Can you research information about any other female astronauts?


Happy learning everyone. 


Visit our class page again on Friday for new challenges.


Miss Heaton



Hi Class 2, I hope you're ready for some more learning challenges this week! First let's start with another Numeracy challenge! 


Follow the link to this web page to play some of the Numeracy games that are on there.


I really like some of the outdoor game ideas. If you have an outdoor area at home you could have a go at making a giant board game. Board games are great fun and a fantastic way to apply your numeracy skills. How about a game of snakes and ladders?


If you have had a go at all of the games on there then why not make up some of your own? We really enjoyed playing Naughty Numbers in the class! All you need is a dice and a pen and paper. The person who generates the highest number is the winner! Draw a tens and units box for each person by making two columns on your paper. 

Take turns to roll the dice and decide which of your two columns to fill - either the tens or the units. Do this two times each until all your boxes are full. Read the two digits as a whole number

Whoever has the higher two-digit number wins.

A point for a win. The first person to reach 10 wins the game.

Website of the week!


Each week I will be posting a website for you to explore at home with your grown up. This week why not check out National Geographic Kids?


If you enjoyed learning about space I am sure you will enjoy these pages...



Could you use the facts you find out to write or present the information to someone in your home? If you do any writing remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


Wishing you another happy healthy week and I will check back with you on Wednesday!





Hello again Class 2 it's Miss Heaton here.

I hope you are all having a chance to enjoy the lovely sunshine and that you are keeping healthy.




Let's do a quick recap on our class numeracy learning.


We have been looking at measuring lengths and heights. We have focused on the mathematical language needed when describing and comparing length and height.


Length – long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest and equal to




Height - tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest and equal to



Take a look at this link on espresso to compare and order lengths and heights:




Give yourself a challenge by picking an object around your home. Can you find things that are shorter/longer or taller/shorter than it?

Record down what you have found.





Friday's learning challenge is...




Today's learning challenge is a chance to show off your creative side.

I know you are all amazing artists and today we are going to be creating a self-portrait.





Think about how you will create your picture. 

You can use paint, pencil crayon, collage etc.


Here is a helpful video on YouTube that will show you how to draw a portrait.


Remember to ask a grown up if they have got a mirror that you could use to look at your reflection. Remember to also ask for permission and to make sure that you use it safely.


Happy learning everyone. 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you again on Monday

From Miss Heaton



Picture 1

Hi class 2 it's Miss Heaton here again. I am hoping that you are all still happy and active!


Don't forget that the Body Coach is doing a live PE session at 9am every day on YouTube. I have been enjoying doing it!


Picture 1

Keep the number challenges from Monday going because the more

we revisit our number bonds the quicker we will be.





How many numbers bonds to 10 or to 20 can you write down in 1 minute?


Record them as number sentences.


0 + 10 = 109 + 1 = 10, 8 + 2 = 10 etc..

Are you ready for your next learning challenge!

Think about who is in your family.


Can you draw a picture to show who is in your family?

Take your time and add detail to your art work.


Remember to label each person in the family to show who they are.


You might want to record it as a family tree or you might want to think of your own way to represent the people who are in your family.


Finally remember...


Don't forget about espresso! 

Picture 1

We have been doing lots of learning about developing fluency and expression

in our reading so it would be helpful to check out this link to listen to famous authors reading their own books!

Happy learning everyone.

I can't wait to see what you have created and how you have represented your learning!

I will speak to you again on Friday.


Miss Heaton


Hello Class 2 it's Miss Heaton here! I hope you are all well.


Are you ready for some learning challenges?


I will be uploading a new learning challenge for you to do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So please keep checking our class page to find out what your next learning challenge will be.


Each week I will also be posting a website of the week for you to trial too. The website for this week is espresso.


There are some fantastic videos and learning opportunities available to share. Maybe take a look at the above link on seasons and seasonal changes.






Why not start your Monday with a workout?


Joe Wicks is launching live PE lessons for children Monday - Friday at 9am on his YouTube page. 

These will be a good way for us to keep fit and healthy. I will definitely be doing these, so come and join in the fun too.




Monday's Challenge is Numeracy


Challenge 1


Choose 5 addition facts to learn from the grid. 

Try and recall these facts each day so that you begin to know them 

without working them out.



Start by learning the green and blue facts first. 


Challenge 2


Spend 5 minutes each day recalling your number bonds to 10 and to 20.



Here is a link to a website for helping you with your number bonds:



I am looking forward to hearing about what super learning you have done.

I will speak to you again on Wednesday.

Happy learning everyone.


Miss Heaton



Autumn Term 2019

This term our topic is The Enchanted Forest. We have been learning all about magical and mythical creatures as well as learning about British Woodland and the animals that live there.

In Science we have been learning about British trees. We began by learning some of the features of evergreen and deciduous trees and using this to help us sort them. 


Can you identify any British trees. This Nature Detectives sheet from the Woodland Trust for children is useful for using leaves to identify trees.


Picture 1
In Numeracy we have been learning about part part whole models. We have been using them for addition. We have applied our learning in a variety of ways so that we can master addition. 
Picture 1 We split a number into different groups.
Picture 1 We removed the counters and added numbers.

Spring Term 2018

Picture 1
This term we have been learning all about the author Julia Donaldson. We have been enjoying reading her stories and writing some stories of our own! Come and take a look at our learning!


In Numeracy we have been learning about finding a quarter of an object or a quantity. We had to use our teamwork skills to work together to quarter the objects. 


In Literacy we have been reading the story of Superworm and we have decided how to end the story in our own way. We thought of lots of different ways that Superworm can be rescued by Wizard Lizard! Can you think of any ways to end the story? Can you write your ideas down?

Picture 1


As part of our Science learning we have been thinking about the human body. We created our own displays to show how much we knew about the human body and decided what we would like to find out? Could you use some recycled boxes and items in your home to make a model of a body? Could you add labels to it?

Welcome to Class 2 -  Mrs Kershaw and Mrs Razaq

Welcome to Class 2.

Autumn Term 2018


Land Ahoy

This term we have been learning all about our new topic Land Ahoy. We have enjoyed an exciting first day dressing up as pirates and completing a number of pirate challenges arghhhhhh. We were very lucky to be able to have a visit to The Deep where we were able to learn about different animals that live under the sea and their habitats. We have also developed our literacy skills by writing non fiction fact books about sea animals including eels, sea turtles and sharks. Our writing has also included seaside poems and a non fiction piece about Grace Darling.


Enterprise, Science and design Technology

As part of our science and design technology, we were faced with a challenge to design a boat. We had to think carefully about what materials we would use and why. To help us decide we tested and learned about a number of different materials and their properties by seeing which materials were able to float and sink in our science investigation area. We then used this to inform our ideas when designing the boat.


In Numeracy our learning has included using our knowledge of place value counting forwards and backwards and representing numbers to 20. We have been practising to add and subtract a single digit from a teen number. We have also explored finding 1 more and 1 less. Don't forget to keep practising!

Integrated and Enhanced learning

Throughout the different areas this term, we have been exploring a number of Land Ahoy themed areas including a phonics pirate challenge, a RNIL number rescue challenge and an under the sea descriptive writing challenge. Our tasks have included learning to write descriptive sentences and making sure we remember all the non-negotiables (finger spaces, capital letters and full stops). In the numeracy area we have been ordering numbers and practising counting forwards and backwards from any given number. In the art area we have painted some fabulous seaside scenes in the style of the famous artist Trudy Kepke. Thinking about how we use colour, pattern and shape. 

Take a look at our learning so far.

In addition to all this wonderful learning we have also had a special visitor to teach us all about healthy eating. We were set challenges to learn all about the different food groups. This has helped us to understand what a healthy balanced diet looks like and to know about good foods we need to eat and other foods we may need to eat less often.  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spring Term

Picture 1
This term our learning is based upon space. We have been learning about the solar system about our own planet. A space dome came to school and we went inside to learn all about the universe. We have really enjoyed learning facts about different planets and some children have even carried out their own research at home!

Integrated Learning

Our Integrated areas are all about Space. We have really enjoyed using the space station to hunt for aliens and solve the number sentences. We used our skills from the autumn term to help us to find the answers. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Space Vehicle Designs

Picture 1
Picture 2
As part of our Science and Design Technology learning we have been designing and making models of space vehicles. We thought carefully about which materials to use and then we designed the vehicles and made a shopping list. We had to make the structure strong and give it wheels so that it could travel on different planets. 


Picture 1

In our Numeracy learning we have been using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract a single digit from a teen number. We have been taking our learning further by finding the answer to missing number problems. Can you have a go at solving some at home?

15 - ? = 13

12 + ? = 18

14 + ? = 16

How can you use what you know about addition and subtraction to help you?

We have displayed some of our learning from the autumn term in our classroom. We are very proud of our learning and of what we have achieved during the autumn term. 

Picture 1

 Autumn Term




This term our learning is based upon a variety of DreamWorks animations. So far we have used Shrek and Madagascar to help us with our learning. Our classroom displays show some of the learning we did in transition. We are very proud of our achievements.




We used our art skills to paint different characters from Shrek. We tried really hard to mix thick paint and add detail to our paintings.




Shrek helped set us some numeracy challenges. We have been learning that numbers can be represented in different ways. 


  Enhanced Learning


In our Enhanced learning we have been using the DreamWorks animations to explore different areas.




We have been dressing up as characters from Shrek and pretending to live in Shrek's swamp. As part of our literacy learning we have been writing descriptions of the characters that we have spotted in the swamp.




The Shark Tale gang asked us to order the characters by looking at the numerals on their friends. We ordered them from the lowest to the highest value. We had to use our reflection skills to check they were in the right order.

Summer Term - How wonderful is the world?


At the start of the term we were introduced to our topic by explorers who left their rucksack in our classroom. By using our detective skills we worked out some of the amazing places they had visited.


We used our critical and creative skills to design, make and promote a vehicle that could potentially transport the explorers around the world.




This term we are going to be exploring the world and discovering places we never knew existed. We are going to look at a range of different environments and the weird and wonderful animals that live there.  We are also going to learn about the different landmarks and architecture that helps to make our world such an interesting place to live and explore.



 So far we have visited the Amazon Rainforest and The  Coral Reef to help us with our phonics and our numeracy learning.



We are learning to look closely at the pyramids in Egypt and we are using our creative skills to re-create them in clay. We are trying hard to use the pinch and push technique to get the correct shape and we are using the tools to add the detail. We are needing a lot of resilience whilst making our clay models.








Spring Term 



This term our topic has been Disney. So far we have explored a number of Disney characters and even researched facts and information about Walt Disney himself. As part of our enterprise learning we developed a design brief to create a new toy and worked hard on developing our communication and presentation skills in order to pitch and persuade an audience to buy our toy. Take a look at some of our learning.











Autumn Term -  Time Travel!


We have been learning all about different time periods, including Ancient Egypt, The Prehistoric Era and The Victorians. 


Is there are part of history you wish you could travel back to?






In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history!

In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 1 We dug for dinosaur bones in the sand.
In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 2 We had to wash the clothes for the Queen.
In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 3



This week we have been learning about Victorian jobs. We learned what is was like to be a chimney sweep and a cook in Victorian times. 


Can you write some facts? Remember to include all the non-negotiables for writing!

we used counters to help us to solve subtraction number sentences. Numeracy


In Numeracy this week we have been practising addition and subtraction using mental strategies. We have been counting on or back to find the answer.  


We had to put the first number in our head and the second number on our fingers. 


If we had a subtraction number sentence we had to count backwards and if it was an addition number sentence we had to count forwards.


Why not have a go at home!