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Welcome to Class 1 

Mr Babington

Surprise Egg Hunt

We had a big surprise just before the end of term. After we came back from lunchtime we saw that a mystery visitor had been into our classroom. The visitor gave each of us a number before we went outside to find the surprise which matched our number.

Spring Term - Space


This term we have been exploring space as our topic. As a class we have been learning about the different planets in our solar system, space travel like SpaceX and lots of other incredible and inspiring elements that make up the final frontier.


In enterprise we designed vehicles to explore a new planet. Then we took our learning further by investigating what makes the most effective parachute so that we could land safely on the new planet.



We started this half term by learning about a selection of planets in our solar system.

Our fact files included the best and most accurate facts about the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. 


After learning out the different planets in our solar system we moved on to understand the lives of space travellers and astronauts like Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong.


As you can see below we thought about the intense training that astronauts have to do before they are ready to go to space. To help them along their way we designed a special sandwich to give them enough nutrients to stay sharp during the difficult training exercises. After designing the perfect sandwich for an astronaut, we made the sandwiches and wrote a set of instructions for others to follow. Check out the picture below!

Picture 1


Our numeracy learning this term began by looking a time, reading and writing it to o'Clock and half past. 


Following this we moved on to representing larger 2 digit numbers and sequences beyond 20. This learning really supported us when we moved on to solving larger number sentences, as you can see below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

World Book Day


To celebrate world book day we dressed up as our favourite fictional characters and brought a book which meant alot to us. Each of us spent time talking to the whole class about the character we had chosen and shared our book with a partner in a special guided reading.


Take a look at our class costumes below. What is your favourite book or story?

Picture 1
Picture 1

Autumn Term

This term our topic is based in the Dreamworks universe. We will be exploring our learning through a huge range of adventures and magical worlds from well known stories such as Shrek, Madagascar, Over the Hedge and Trolls along with many more!

Image result for children in need


Today we dressed in our pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. We learned about some of the charitable projects that Children in Need do to support young people around the country. The fundraising event had been planned by school council.

Below you can see all of us ready to start the day in our pyjamas!

Picture 1



In our numeracy learning we started this term by representing numbers in many different ways. We used objects and pictures represent numbers in a wide range of different contexts.

Check out our learning below to see what we have been up to.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Place Value

We then used what we knew about representing numbers and amounts to compare value.

It was important to used vocabulary like more than, less than, equal to, greater than and fewer than.

Counting Forwards & Backwards

After representing numbers we took our learning further by cementing our counting forwards and backwards knowledge. We have been playing lots of counting games and using what we know about representations and number value to help us solve difficult problems.

Raft Building Enterprise


We began the year by investigating an interesting challenge.

All of the characters from Madagascar been washed up on a beach. It turned out that they were actually on an island and that they were stranded there with no hope of returning home!

As you can see from our design brief below, we needed to research, design and build a raft for the animals to escape in across the ocean.



We started by designing different rafts with our company and afterwards we used communication and teamwork skills to decide which design was closest to the design brief specifications. 


Next we tested materials to ensure that our rafts would be made out of materials which float. Some of us used what we had learned from this investigation to evaluate and change our designs.


Following these steps we began to build the rafts as a company. Each person had a specific role and made sure that the finished raft was a high quality product.


Finally we tested each raft on water to see if it could meet the specifications in the design brief. After testing we discussed and evaluated what went well and what we would change next time. Here are some examples;


"We used the right materials for our raft because they all floated, but our raft was too tall. Next time we will make the roof shorter"


Take a look at the pictures below to see how we got on.

Testing Materials

Testing Materials  1
Testing Materials  2

Enhanced Provision

At the beginning of this year we explored lots of learning through enhanced provision.

This included stations which involved skills such as painting, counting, writing, role play, designing, crafting and reading.  


The pictures below show us as we approached the learning at each station.