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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation!
Mrs Wirth/Mr Klair/Miss Allen/Miss Gordon


Welcome to the Foundation stage page. In our Foundation Unit we encourage children to be independent in their learning!


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Our Worm Farms

Our Worm Farms 1
Our Worm Farms 2
Our Worm Farms 3
Our Worm Farms 4
Our Worm Farms 5
Our Worm Farms 6

This Week

W/C 19.06.17

This week is in Literacy, we will be learning about potatoes and the food we make from them. Each class will then be cooking the potaoes in a different way.


In numeracy, we will be learning to share equally, double and halve quantities. For doubling and halving we will be looking at ladybirds and their spots.


This week the children will be recapping blending and segmenting ch, igh, th and ng.


Pure Sound Phonics

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We teach children to read by blending sounds and write by segmenting sounds.


Blending  means combining sounds to make a word. Divide the word into the individual sounds. For example /s/ /i/ /t/


Segmenting means using knowledge of sounds to break it down to /p/ /i/ /n/ in order to write the word.



Below are some high frequency words and tricky words which children are to learn to read onsight


no go to I the we me be was he she my they her are all you

it at is in and






Early Talk Boost


What is Early Talk Boost?

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children with delayed language development helping to boost their language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers.

Talking Tips are easy to remember when you use LEARN.


Look at the pictures together

Encourage your child to talk by letting them start the conversation

Ask questions about the story

Remember to talk about things your child is especially interested in

Never rush; remember to pause



Talking TIps

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Our eggs ready to hatch

Our eggs ready to hatch 1 Ready to hatch
Our eggs ready to hatch 2 The chicks have hatched
Our eggs ready to hatch 3 Waiting to dry out
Our eggs ready to hatch 4