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Foundation 1

Welcome to Foundation 1!
Mrs Baines
Welcome to the Foundation stage 1 page. In our Foundation Unit we encourage children to be independent in their learning!


 This term we are learning all about Growing.  We have begun our learning by hatching some chicks from eggs.  We are also thinking about how plants grow. Our potatoes and broad beans will soon be ready for harvesting.

 We have enjoyed taking care of them and know that they need lots of water to make them grow. 



We are asking parents to support us with our phonics learning this term. So far we have looked at the graphemes (letter shapes) s,a,t,p,i,n.  We have thought about words that begin with these phonemes (letter sounds).  We are grateful to all parents and grand parents who have stayed and supported us so far.


In our focused learning we are practicing our blending and segmenting skills.  You can help us at home by collecting objects with three phonemes (sounds) and then segmenting them for us.  

eg p-e -g.  Can we find the correct object by blending the phonemes (pushing the sounds together).  If we are really good at this ask us to segment (chop the word into sounds) for you.


Thanks to all the parents who have stayed and helped us with rhyme time .We have learnt hickory dickory dock, 5 little ducks, the wheels on the bus, down at the station,When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears and many more. We are getting really good at spotting the rhyming words. Learning rhymes will make us better readers and writers.  Test us by saying two words that rhyme and one that doesn't to see if we can spot the odd one out.


In the Spring term we enjoyed learning all about transport. We learnt about a variety of vehicles and what makes them go.  We even thought about the future and how we might all be traveling in space.  Lots of children have made vehicles in construction.


Here are some of the vehicles we have produced with paint.





We enjoyed learning all about the emergency services and saw lots of different vehicles on our visit to the museum in Sheffield. 


We enjoyed celebrating world book day and launched our book at bedtime event. Please share lots of stories with us so we can choose a favorite to bring to school.