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Make £5 Blossom 2017

Today, Friday 22nd September 2017, we met our new business partner! His name is Will Ryan and he has several businesses. He has agreed to lend us £150 which we must use to set up our own businesses in school in order to try and make a profit. We will pay the loan back in January. We haven't got long so we need to start thinking of good business ideas quickly!


These photos show Ridha and Rio collecting our loan.


Our Enterprise Ethos
Enterprise enriches our curriculum and school culture. It inspires children about learning and life. Enterprise develops learning by giving children responsibility and purpose. It raises aspirations by linking school with the world of work and business.
What we do
Every child experiences a curriculum enriched by Enterprise.
Every child takes part in entrepreneurial learning every term.
Every child learns about the skills and attitudes that will help them be successful citizens.
The Impact of Enterprise
Children that are:-
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