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Welcome to Class 6 - Mrs L Cliff

Welcome to class 6's page!


Autumn Term 2017 - Dreamworks

In Class 6 this term our topic is all about the company 'Dreamworks'.

We started our topic with an exciting enterprise challenge linked to the film 'Madagascar'. Alex, Marty and the other characters were stranded in Madagascar and it was our job to help them get back to their zoo in New York. Our challenge was to research, design, make and test a mode of transport that could float in water holding 4 of the characters. Through our challenge we became scientists, designers and engineers!


We got better at working in a team and solving problems during this challenge! 


We have been developing our problem solving & communication skills in numeracy. We are learning how to represent numbers as tens and units in lots of different ways. We are also using this learning to help us to order numbers and prove why one number is larger or smaller than another!


Here Huzaifah has represented these numbers with dienes and has then ordered them from smallest to largest. 

Here Bilal and Isaac have represented numbers with dienes and have then used this to help them to decide which number was greater than which.

Comparing numbers

Still image for this video
Rahand explains how he knows which number is the largest.

Comparing numbers

Still image for this video
Ridha explains her understanding of the size of numbers.

Summer Term - How Wonderful is the World?


This term we will be embarking on an adventure around the whole world. We will explore what makes it wonderful from towering volcanoes and rainforests to the vast variety of fascinating creatures that call the Great Barrier Reef home.


As well as this we will be investigating a huge range of flavours and tastes which make our world so exciting.


Keep visiting our page to follow our learning journey.

This link will take you to 'Google Earth' where you can explore the world from your computer!


This week we have been learning about volcanoes. We have created our very own volcano!


A member of our class has recently earned herself a Blue Peter Badge. We were all so impressed that we have decided to try and earn one as a class. We are going to write some amazing fact files about volcanoes and post them off to Blue Peter. We know we will have to try our hardest as it won't be easy to earn a badge! Wish us luck!




We had to guess which country these foods and spices came from!



We are working as a team to create a model of 'The Great Wall of China'. 




Integrated Learning

This is our 'Role Play' area this term. We are exploring the Amazon Rainforest. We are learning to use non-fiction texts to research facts about different rainforest animals and then write a report.



This is our sand area. When we visit this area we are learning to solve problems quickly and accurately.



Spring Term

This term our topic is 'Disney'! We have been researching to find out more about Walt Disney and how he set up the company.

We have also started to make our own animations. 


Here these children are really focused on creating their animation using the 'I can animate' app on the Ipad. They've had to be resilient as an animation takes a lot of hard work!



We are creating wonderful pieces of fabric work! Can you see which Disney characters we have created?



We love 'Integrated' learning as we get to work on lots of different skills. Which skills do you think the children are working on here...?



Book at Bedtime

Throughout March we took part in 'Book at Bedtime month'. Children had to read at bedtime every night for a whole month. To celebrate, we came to school in our pyjamas for the final day. We also brought our favourite book to share.


Problem Solving!

In class 6 we love to solve problems. We know we have to be resilient when solving problems. We keep on trying until we are successful! In this section we will keep adding photos of us solving different problems.

Finding 2-digit numbers where the digits total 5. 

Here we were investigating 2-digit numbers where the digits totalled 5. Once we had found all the possibilities one of the children suggested investigating 3 digit numbers where the digits totalled 5! Can you find all the possibilities?




2016/17 Autumn Term

This term we are 'travelling through time' in our learning! This gives us the opportunity to visit many different eras. Some of the places we will be landing are, the prehistoric dinosaur era, the Ice Age, Ancient Egypt, Medieval Times, the Victorian era as well as flying into the future!


Keep visiting our class page to see our learning throughout the term!


Our day in the life of a Victorian...



Our Numeracy learning...



If you would like to practise your numeracy skills at home this website link has some excellent games! Click on the 'student zone'.






2015/16 Summer Term

Our topic this term is 'A Bug's Life!'. We are learning all about fascinating creatures such as spiders, ants and butterflies.


We were set a challenge to design and make a party outfit! We set up companies. Within our company we had a designer, accountant and a marketing assistant. We applied for the job that we thought we would be best suited to. We had to have an interview and say why we thought we would be good at the job! Below are photographs of us busy at work and our finished designs! 


This week (9.5.16) we have researched and created a fact card all about scorpions. Take a look at some of our writing below.


Ayaan Ahmad's fact card.

Ayaan Ahmad's fact card.

Keaton-Lee's fact card.

Alfie's fact card.

Alfie's fact card.

Haneeka's fact card.

Haneeka's fact card.


We held an 'Enterprise Day' and our challenge was to design and create a spider's web. Take a look at our wonderful designs below.




In Literacy we have been reading a book called 'Tadpole's Promise'. After reading this we imagined how each of the characters would have felt and wrote some fantastic letters and diaries. Take a look at some of our writing below.


In Numeracy we are learning to tell the time! We know o' clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour. Our next step is to practise telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Why not practise this at home!

Spring Term

Last term our topic was 'What makes Great Britain great?'. We learnt all about our local area as well as our capital city.


We used our teamwork skills to create a collaborative sewing of London. We had to be very resilient as it wasn't easy and took quite a long time to complete! Do you recognise any of the famous landmarks?

Ayaan used his creativity skills to create this fantastic birds eye view of New York Stadium in Rotherham. We love how he created the effect of a busy football crowd!


In literacy we read and watched lots of Paddington Bear stories. We then created our own stories. Kyrah and Scarlett used paint to create these fabulous pieces of art. What amazing paint skills they have! 



Mason Haydn has also used his problem solving skills to complete a tricky numeracy challenge.