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Autumn Term - Dreamworks

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This term we have been focusing our learning around the animation company 'Dreamworks'. We used the 'Dreamworks' film 'Madagascar' as the basis for an exciting enterprise task. Our aim was to rescue the films characters from Madagascar and take them back to their home in New York City. We began by researching a range of materials and boat shapes that we thought would make for a successful boat design.

We then worked in small teams to design, build and test our boats. We had lots of fun creating our transport and most of our boats were successful. After we tested our boats we discussed why our boats had been successful or unsuccessful.




This term in numeracy we have been looking at place value. This has included using equipment on our tables to represent numbers containing dienes.

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Summer Term - How Wonderful is the World?


This term we will be embarking on an adventure around the whole world. We will explore what makes it wonderful from towering volcanoes and rain forests to the vast variety of fascinating creatures that call the Great Barrier Reef home.


As well as this we will be investigating a huge range of flavours and tastes which make our world so exciting.


Keep visiting our page to follow our learning journey.


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Spring Term - 'Disney'


In our learning this term we will be researching Walt Disney and John Lasseter, to understand how each of them has been important in shaping Disney throughout the years.



Integrated Learning

We will be exploring animation so that we can create our own short ‘stop-motion’ films.


We have designed our own characters based on traits we have observed from existing Disney characters. After using split-pins to finish our colourful designs we are now planning and recording the small movements of our characters to record their adventures.


Literacy - Instruction Writing


We have started this week off by learning how to make hot chocolate, and what better way to do this than making one for ourselves! As you can see from the pictures below, we discussed and followed every step of a recipe to make our own fancy hot chocolate. We understand that it is not quite as healthy as fruit but it is a nice treat every now and then.


Now that we understand the process we are going to record presentations, just like Jamie Oliver and other famous chefs, so that we are completely sure of each step. Then finally we are going to write a set of instructions using the appropriate features like expanded noun phrases and commands.

A Book at Bedtime


Throughout the whole of March we challenged ourselves to see if we could read a book at bedtime every evening. As you can see from the pictures, we used a calendar to track when we had read and we made sure that we never missed a night. How committed we had to be!


To celebrate the last day of the Book at Bedtime month we brought our favourite books in to school and wore our pyjamas for the whole day. As part of Guided Reading some people shared their stories with a partner. Then we spent time in the afternoon reading our books to each other. We also had a prize draw where one full calendar was picked at random to find a winner. The person who won could then go to bookshop and choose absolutely any book they wanted as a prize.


We have had a wonderful month of reading and it has helped us to think about resilience and communication learning skills in reading.

Numeracy Reasoning!


We have been using reasoning skills to complete these 'Greater than and Less than' puzzles. Our learning was to compare the value of numbers using the correct vocabulary and reason about the decisions we were making. At first this was very tricky but we used resilience and critical thinking skills to achieve our learning.


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Measuring Temperatures


In our Numeracy learning we have been investigating differences in temperature throughout the school by using a thermometer. After choosing the areas to compare, we went to each location and carefully read the scale on the thermometer. Then we recorded the temperatures and compared them as a class. It was important that we looked closely at the scale to get an accurate reading before using vocabulary like greater, less or equal to compare our readings.

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Cooking Club


Some members of our class have been using exciting recipes to whip up some beautiful food at Cooking Club after school. We have explored how important food hygiene is and we learning to follow recipes. Here are some pictures of us cooking:

Comic Relief 


We took part in raising money for Comic Relief by wearing red and holding a 'laugh-a-thon' competition to find the funniest joke in our class. Here are some of the funniest ones:


Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?

because she'll let it go


What do you call a lady with two toilets on her head? 



What goes white, black, white, black, white, black?

A panda rolling down a hill.



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Autumn Term 2016/2017 -travelling through time!


As time travellers we are going to be visiting a variety of different time periods like the prehistoric dinosaurs, the Ice Age, Ancient Egypt, the Medieval period, the Victorian era and the future.


We will be researching important and well known figures from throughout each of these time periods so that we can link them into our learning.

In Numeracy our learning has been about....

representing numbers!


We have been learning about how numbers can be represented by different equipment. Take a look at the photo below and you will be able to see one of our representations. Through using a selection of different equipment, like chocolate, pizza and flowers, we now know that almost any equipment can be used to represent the tens and ones in a number.

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Intergrated Learning

We have been designing vehicles for the future that will solve transport problems like traffic jams and pollution.After designing a vehicle we have created prototypes.


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