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Class 3

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Our topic this term is 'How Wonderful is the World?'

We are learning lots of interesting and exciting facts about a

range of places around the world.


Summer Term - 

How Wonderful is the World?


We were introduced to our topic by an explorer who left their rucksack in our classroom. By using our detective skills we worked out some of the amazing places he had visited. We have decided to learn more about those places as well as learning more about other interesting places that we would like to explore.


This term we are going to be exploring the world and discovering places we have never known existed. We are going to look at a range of different environments and the weird and wonderful animals that live there. 


We are also going to learn about the important landmarks and architecture that help to make our world such and interesting place to live and explore. 

Our Tricky Word Spellings






Can you practice reading and spelling these words?

In integrated learning this term we are going to be learning about various places around the world. We are going to be completing painting about important landmarks from around the world. These are just a few of the landmarks we are going to be learning about.

Enterprise Learning!

We have been making a range of transport that we think could help a family to be explorers and travel around the world. We worked as a team and focused on using our learning skills to enable us to create useful transport. We started our learning by looking at a range of transport that can be used for travelling. We chose the form of transport that we though would be most useful for travelling around the world. 


Once we had drawn our plan we had to work as a team to decide what resources we would need to be successful. We shared out the responsibilities of making the product and by being resilient learners we were able to be successful at making our designs. Here are some photos of our hard work and finished products.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Spring Term - "Disney"




In Literacy this term we have completed lots of exciting work based on Disney. This has included writing character profiles about Disney villains, creating wanted posters to help find Nemo and being like Walt Disney and creating a character for writing our own stories.

Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions

Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 1
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 2
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 3
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 4
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 5
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 6
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 7
Writing Micky Mouse Puppet instructions 8
We wrote a set instructions telling our audience how to make a Micky Mouse puppet. We had to make sure that we followed each step closely so that the instructions made sense. We used imperative verbs at the start of our sentences to help the audience understand what they had to do.


In Numeracy we have been looking addition and subtraction. We have looked at different methods for supporting us when completing number sentences. We have practised using Diennes, counters and the jottings method for completing addition and subtraction. Here is some work completed by Asbah that shows the jottings method that she has used to answer subtraction number sentences.

Picture 1

World Book Day 2.3.2017

We celebrated World Book Day 2017 at Herringthrope Infant School by dressing up as our favourite book characters. As well as the children all the staff were dressed as 'Wally' from "Where's Wally".


We brought books to class and during the day Mr Hill read our books for the class. We enjoyed getting the opportunity to share our books from home with the other children in our class. After reading our books we talked about why we enjoyed the books and our favourite parts of the stories.