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Class 3

smiley Welcome to Class 3 -  Mr Hill smiley

Our topic this term is 'A Bug's Life!'

We are learning lots of interesting and exciting facts about insects.


We began our learning about insects with an enterprise challenge. We had to work as a team to build a spider web. We used our learning skills to help us complete the challenge. As part of the challenge we had to design our product, choose our materials and build the web.



Nathan thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating the spiderweb. After completing the challenge Nathan said "I really enjoyed making the web. We had to work hard and use our resilience and teamwork learning skills to be successful." 


Sana, Liaba and Kyle showing off their fantastic spiderweb.


Sana, Liaba and Kyle had to restart their web but they learnt from the mistakes of their first attempt and they were much more successful with their second spider web. "We reflected on our learning and realised that we needed to change the materials that we had used to make our web." said Liaba.

Our Tricky Word Spellings







Can you practice reading and spelling these words?