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Welcome to Class 2 -  Mrs Kershaw and Mrs Smyth

Welcome to Class 2's page.

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Spring Term

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This term our learning is based upon space. We have been learning about the solar system about our own planet. A space dome came to school and we went inside to learn all about the universe. We have really enjoyed learning facts about different planets and some children have even carried out their own research at home!

Integrated Learning

Our Integrated areas are all about Space. We have really enjoyed using the space station to hunt for aliens and solve the number sentences. We used our skills from the autumn term to help us to find the answers. 

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Space Vehicle Designs

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As part of our Science and Design Technology learning we have been designing and making models of space vehicles. We thought carefully about which materials to use and then we designed the vehicles and made a shopping list. We had to make the structure strong and give it wheels so that it could travel on different planets. 


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In our Numeracy learning we have been using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract a single digit from a teen number. We have been taking our learning further by finding the answer to missing number problems. Can you have a go at solving some at home?

15 - ? = 13

12 + ? = 18

14 + ? = 16

How can you use what you know about addition and subtraction to help you?

We have displayed some of our learning from the autumn term in our classroom. We are very proud of our learning and of what we have achieved during the autumn term. 

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 Autumn Term




This term our learning is based upon a variety of DreamWorks animations. So far we have used Shrek and Madagascar to help us with our learning. Our classroom displays show some of the learning we did in transition. We are very proud of our achievements.




We used our art skills to paint different characters from Shrek. We tried really hard to mix thick paint and add detail to our paintings.




Shrek helped set us some numeracy challenges. We have been learning that numbers can be represented in different ways. 


  Enhanced Learning


In our Enhanced learning we have been using the DreamWorks animations to explore different areas.




We have been dressing up as characters from Shrek and pretending to live in Shrek's swamp. As part of our literacy learning we have been writing descriptions of the characters that we have spotted in the swamp.




The Shark Tale gang asked us to order the characters by looking at the numerals on their friends. We ordered them from the lowest to the highest value. We had to use our reflection skills to check they were in the right order.

Summer Term - How wonderful is the world?


At the start of the term we were introduced to our topic by explorers who left their rucksack in our classroom. By using our detective skills we worked out some of the amazing places they had visited.


We used our critical and creative skills to design, make and promote a vehicle that could potentially transport the explorers around the world.




This term we are going to be exploring the world and discovering places we never knew existed. We are going to look at a range of different environments and the weird and wonderful animals that live there.  We are also going to learn about the different landmarks and architecture that helps to make our world such an interesting place to live and explore.



 So far we have visited the Amazon Rainforest and The  Coral Reef to help us with our phonics and our numeracy learning.



We are learning to look closely at the pyramids in Egypt and we are using our creative skills to re-create them in clay. We are trying hard to use the pinch and push technique to get the correct shape and we are using the tools to add the detail. We are needing a lot of resilience whilst making our clay models.








Spring Term 



This term our topic has been Disney. So far we have explored a number of Disney characters and even researched facts and information about Walt Disney himself. As part of our enterprise learning we developed a design brief to create a new toy and worked hard on developing our communication and presentation skills in order to pitch and persuade an audience to buy our toy. Take a look at some of our learning.











Autumn Term -  Time Travel!


We have been learning all about different time periods, including Ancient Egypt, The Prehistoric Era and The Victorians. 


Is there are part of history you wish you could travel back to?






In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history!

In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 1 We dug for dinosaur bones in the sand.
In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 2 We had to wash the clothes for the Queen.
In Enhanced Learning we travelled through time to different parts of history! 3



This week we have been learning about Victorian jobs. We learned what is was like to be a chimney sweep and a cook in Victorian times. 


Can you write some facts? Remember to include all the non-negotiables for writing!

we used counters to help us to solve subtraction number sentences. Numeracy


In Numeracy this week we have been practising addition and subtraction using mental strategies. We have been counting on or back to find the answer.  


We had to put the first number in our head and the second number on our fingers. 


If we had a subtraction number sentence we had to count backwards and if it was an addition number sentence we had to count forwards.


Why not have a go at home!