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Welcome to Class 1 - Mrs L Bryan

Welcome to Class 1's page.

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This term our topic is time travel. 


Class 1 have been learning all about the different periods in time, including The Prehistoric Era, The IceAge, Ancient Egypt and The Victorians. 


At home invite your child to share facts about each period in history and ask them which is their favourite time era and why. 

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In Literacy we have previously been learning about Victorian jobs. We looked closely at what it was like to be a chimney sweep and a Victorian Cook! Out visit to Cannon Hall Museum also helped us to understand and experience what it was like to be a Victorian Servant! 


Ask your child to write about some of the jobs they have been learning about. Don't forget to remind them about including all our non-negotiables! 


                                                           Capital Letters

                                                            Full Stops

                                                            Finger spaces


We have just moved onto a new theme from The Victorian Period; Peter Rabbit. Keep a look out for some lovely work soon! 

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Each week your child will be asked to spell a number of tricky words! These words are words which generally can't be blended and which children frequently spell incorrectly in their writing!


Our spellings for W/c 07.11.16







If your child can spell these words correctly, challenge them to write them in a sentence. 




In Numeracy, we have been completing lots of work on place value and practising our addition and subtraction skills. Class 1 have been using a number of strategies to solve addition and subtraction number problems including using objects, number lines and the mental strategy counting on or counting back to find the answer.  


Ask your child to keep practising using all the different strategies at home to improve numeracy fluency and skills. 


​In Science we have been identifying and classifying which animal belongs in which group. Class 1 have been thinking about the characteristics and facts about fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. 

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